What Is Ultralight Fishing And What Are Its Advantages?

Ultralight fishing has its origins in sport fishing for Trout, as this species of fish is very cunning and cannot be fooled easily. So to dribble this cleverness, the ultralight or ultra light material was inserted in this modality.

What Is Ultralight Fishing And What Are Its Advantages?
What Is Ultralight Fishing And What Are Its Advantages?

With the expansion of sport fishing around the world, there was also a great exchange of experiences with different equipment and baits, which over time were adapted for other types of fishing. This adaptation was not different here in Brazil, so the ultralight equipment was used in the fishing of many species that are very common in our fishing.

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What are the advantages of using ultralight with other equipment?

If you try fishing with an ultralight set, you will not only have a lighter fishing experience as far as comfort is concerned, but you will have an amazing experience while interacting with the fish during the fight.

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This is because with a lighter material, you will be able to work with smaller and lighter baits, thinner and more sensitive line in addition to softer rod and reel or reel. This combination will allow you to have good experiences with smaller fish and amazing situations with slightly larger fish.

What fish can I fish with ultralight equipment?

This answer is very subjective since, if you want, you can catch almost any type of fish with this type of equipment, because what will matter most is your patience and technique in knowing the limits of the equipment to tire your fish correctly. and get him out of the water safely.

Even so, we can list here some of the species in which Brazilians are using ultralight as the most fun and exciting fishing option:

  • betrayed
  • sea ​​bass
  • croaker
  • Saicanga (White or Tambica)
  • Tilapia
  • Jacunda (Joan)
  • Pacu
  • blackbass

The difference in this type of fishing is that even a hook of a small fish like a Lambari, a Mandi or a Piau will give you a fun fight in fishing.

What equipment can be considered ultralight?

If you’re thinking of putting together an ultralight set, be on the lookout for some tips on what materials might belong in this lighter setup.


Rods commonly used in ultralight fishing can range from 2lb to 14lb and range in length from 4ft (1.20m) to 8ft (2.40m). I particularly like the 6’ft (1.83m) poles.

Reels or Reels

In ultralight fishing you will come across many more reels among anglers of this modality, not discarding the lighter reels, with better performance with small baits. However, these reels can cost a lot more than the useful ultralight reels, which vary between sizes 500 and 2000. In addition to giving you a more accurate cast, the reel will not form hairs, more common in reels.


Fluorocarbon lines can be a good choice for your ultralight fishing, not discarding nylon, but fluorocarbon will give you greater efficiency in the hook by not having the elasticity existing in common nylon. The most suitable lines are from 0.25mm to 0.30mm.


Speaking of baits for ultralight fishing, we can say that spinners lead the preference of anglers in this modality, followed by soft baits and plugs. Using baits of a maximum of 10g should be seen as an important point in the assembly of your ultralight set. Find here spinners , soft lures and mid-water plugs and surface plugs for your ultralight fishing. You can also use Jigs , especially when fishing for Bass and Corvinas.

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Final considerations

Whatever your understanding of ultralight fishing, you should know that there is no right or wrong when it comes to the material to use, as it will be entirely up to you. This content here is just to clarify your ideas about ultra light fishing material trends, but now it’s up to you.

I hope that the information is useful for your ultra light fishing and I invite you to comment on the blog about your way of ultra light fishing.

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