What Is The Best Bait To Fish For Bighead Carp?

Find out how to hook the darling of southern Brazilian fisheries.

The Bighead Carp ( Hypophthalmichthys nobilis ) is a fish originally from China and has been introduced in Brazil and almost all over the world. It is a fish that feeds on small aquatic organisms, microalgae, rotifers and small crustaceans.

What Is The Best Bait To Fish For Bighead Carp?
What Is The Best Bait To Fish For Bighead Carp?

Much coveted by fishermen from all over, mainly in southern Brazil, where the Bighead carp has adapted well to the climate and has become a very popular species in private fishing grounds. Being able to measure more than 1 meter, the Bighead carp moves the fishing grounds and even tournaments and championships for this fish are held in search of records and awards.

As a main characteristic, the Carp Carp has numerous small black spots dispersed throughout its body, has small and uniform scales, and a giant mouth through which it feeds, generally on the surface of lakes.

How to fish for Bighead Carp?

The Bighead Carp feeds by filtering the water behind food, so some techniques were created to capture this fish, and the main one is the use of pellets. This type of bait is used together with the famous shower head, which are ties with 5 or more hooks where the tablet is adapted and can be thrown into the lake. This tablet breaks down little by little, releasing the flavor into the water, attracting the Bighead carp.

During the filtering process, the fish ends up sucking the hooks from the shower head, through which it is hooked. The Bighead Carp can weigh tens of kilos so it makes for good fights. For this type of fishing, it is recommended to have a robust equipment, capable of withstanding weights of up to 40, 50 kilos.

In order not to hurt this fish, which is very heavy and large, it is recommended to remove the slingshots from the hooks used in this fishing and also when holding it, do it lowered to prevent the fish from getting hurt and dying in case of accidental fall.

But after all, what is the best bait to fish the Bighead Carp?

Well, I have recently visited some fishing grounds that have this fish as the main star, and really the bait I see most in fishermen’s boxes and at the end of the line is the Blue Ice Carp Pastille .

There is the version of Blue Ice bottom dough , which can also have some result, mainly used with a float, keeping the dough in half water or subsurface, but what I see in most cases are fishermen using the tablet with a showerhead. You can also accentuate the flavor by using blue ice essence in the lozenge.

Other flavors are used with some success, such as Melon and Papaya Pastille, but Blue Ice is incredibly successful in this fishery.

Some brands of tablets

  • Rock pasta
  • Onion pastilles
  • lamb’s
  • bigua

Final considerations

Now that you know a little more about how to fish the Bighead Carp with this very efficient bait, how about going in search of your trophy. I hope I have helped in some way.

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