Tips On How To Dress When You Go Fishing

As a fisherman, you will spend a lot of time in your fishing gear.

Firstly, it should be comfortable and let you move easily and when you catch a big fish, you don’t want your clothes to get in your way;

what to wear in fishing
Tips On How To Dress When You Go Fishing
Another reason is camouflage. Fish can detect movement and see unnatural patterns out of the water. Blending in with the environment is the key to success.

In addition, appropriate clothing will protect you from adverse weather conditions.

What to wear when fishing in hot weather

First of all, in hot weather we must protect ourselves from the heat as the rays emitted by the sun can be very harmful to health, so avoid shorts, flip-flops and short-sleeved shirts in the hot sun.
Breathable clothes are essential, especially since we sweat a lot, that’s why specific clothes for fishing are so important, as they not only protect from the sun, but also have a quick-drying fabric.

Also, bet on:

Shirts and T - Shirts Long-sleeved fishing shirts and shirts are lightweight and quick-drying, offer UV protection, and some of them can even protect you from insects

. The best option is long sleeves as it protects the entire length of your arms from the sun. But if you still prefer the shirt, opt for those with UV protection in conjunction with a cuff , it’s a light sleeve, which leaves your skin feeling fresh and controlling your body temperature in addition to protecting you from the sun. shorts or pants

Always look for pants that zip above the knees so you can turn long pants into shorts. These are especially useful if you’ve been fishing all day and it gets cooler at night, as well as protecting you from possible insects and the sun.

Hats or Caps

and hats will prevent the sun’s rays from making direct contact with your skin and at the same time help you to see the fish. In addition, there are also hats with anti-sweat technology , providing an even more pleasant fishing .

Looking at the surface of the water in bright sunlight is not pleasant. In addition to protecting your eyes from UV rays, reflections and they also protect you from any wrongly thrown hook.

The best option is polarized glasses , as it reflects light away from your eyes.

Face mask or bandana Face

masks, sometimes called “buffs”, are useful at all times of the year.

In summer, use it to cover your face/neck to protect it from the sun, as most of them have protection against the sun’s rays in addition to having a quick-drying mesh

What to wear in cold weather

In cold weather it’s important to keep warm and don’t get too wet.

To protect our face from the cold and wind we can use a buff, but a winter model, which is warmer.

Hooded T

  • shirt Hooded T-shirts , in addition to protecting your head, if necessary, are made from similar materials such as T-shirts, but thicker.


Always wear a wool garment underneath to maintain the temperature, and over top invest in a fishing hoodie , they are not only hot but also act to cut the wind


The gloves in addition to protecting the hand from the weather, also have a mesh that prevents the famous cuts that the lines cause.

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