The influence of the moon on fishing. Myth or reality?

Does the Moon really affect our fishing days?

Although it may sound mysterious and transcendental, the truth is that there is an influence of the Moon on fishing . This means that, of course, repeating a fishing trip a week after the previous one can be much better, or much worse.

The influence of the moon on fishing. Myth or reality?
The influence of the moon on fishing. Myth or reality?

So that this does not happen to you, it is best to inform yourself about how the tides and the fish are affected.

Does it affect the tides?

Of course . All celestial bodies affect our waters. Also the Sun or an asteroid that goes into orbit for a few days . However, it is our satellite that produces the most changes because it is simply closer to us.

Knowing this, we must also consider that the orbit of the satellite is a bit longer than the one that occurs in the rotation of our planet. This means that both high tide and low tide will appear and disappear a few minutes later each day of the lunar cycle.

This means that what happens today in your fishing day at a certain time, tomorrow will happen a few minutes later. We talked, and I think it’s clear, if identical situations arose, something that can never happen, but, come on, that’s where the shots go.

Does it affect the fish?

Indeed. The previous case could be more logical because, who more and who less, we have all studied the changes of the tides according to the disposition of our satellite. However, nothing is said about its influence on animals .

As their body, like ours and like that of other animal species, is largely part, their natural balance is modified, as is their body mass. Needless to say, their behavior will also vary.

The greatest activity occurs when the satellite is in opposites, in the phases of the Full Moon and New Moon . They will be the moments in which they move the most and, therefore, look for more food.

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