Swordfish: All About The Trichiurus Lepturus Species

Learn more about the Swordfish, this coastal species that lives in shoals, preferably in calm waters.

Swordfish: All About The Trichiurus Lepturus Species

The Swordfish (Trichiurus lepturus) is a peculiar fish from the arabian seas and from other parts of the world, often even ignored as food and also as a sport fish, however this fish can offer much more than just its existence in our seas. It can be found from India to Brazil.

Able to reach an impressive 2.30m, the Swordfish is an aggressive fish when hunting, which can make this fish a great sport fishing product, providing a beautiful fight and incredible attacks.

According to the Fishbase website , the Swordfish reaches maturity when it reaches a size that varies between 30cm and 99cm, and most individuals caught are in this size range. the larger ones generally feed on the surface during the day and migrate to the bottom at night.

Commercial value

Swordfish has some commercial value, and can be sold salted or dried and also frozen. There are also fish balls made with this species as the main base and it tastes great when fried or grilled, also for sashimi when fresh.

Despite having many thorns, there are ways to neutralize them with the filleting technique. There is no record of environmental threat involving this fish, so its fishing is not prohibited.

Swordfish in Sport Fishing

Although this fish is not the main focus of sport fishermen, there are those who are dedicated to practicing good swordfish catches in estuaries, fishing platforms and jetties throughout the Brazilian coast. It is possible to catch Swordfish using surface baits, half water and also with a bottom jig head (preferably shrimp). Natural baits like shrimp, small crustaceans and fish, live or in pieces, can work well in this fishery.

This fish also attacks when falling, so many fishermen cast and when the bait has barely started to sink, they are already surprised by its attack, which can be quite fun. Another fun Swordfish fishing is using a kayak, navigating along the sides of platforms, jetties and harbors.

Final considerations

Despite not having much commercial value, Swordfish can be found easily in markets and fishmongers. In addition, your fishing can be very fun and a good way out for those looking for a good kind of fight and attacking different types of bait.

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