Spearguns And Harpoons For Spearfishing. Which Are The Best For Spearfishing? #spearguns #harpoons #spearfishing #fishing

Learn about all types of spear guns and choose the best harpoon.

Spearguns And Harpoons For Spearfishing. Which Are The Best For Spearfishing?
Spearguns And Harpoons For Spearfishing. Which Are The Best For Spearfishing?

We talk about spearfishing and this type of fishing is growing every day in the world, which is why our readers ask us to provide more information on the choice and types of spearfishing spearguns , both in materials, techniques, parts of the rifle and ideal areas for each type of harpoon that we are going to use. 

We will focus on the choice of speargun , different types, advantages and disadvantages of each of them. We must know that the first harpoons were made of wood with rubber bands , however, the search for a better speargun for spearfishing gave rise to many technological innovations, such as the appearance of pneumatic, CO2 or hydraulic spearguns. 

The The technological quest for the perfect speargun has been an exciting one, however today many spearfishermen have returned to wooden guns with rubber bands or propeller bands. That said, there are still a plethora of options available to today’s spearfisherman, and this manual will help you get started on choosing the best spearfishing gun for your specific needs.

The sale and supply of spearguns for spearfishing grows day by day, their prices are becoming more competitive and cheaper. This gives fans of this sport a great advantage, since they have a wide catalog to choose from and a variety of prices for all pockets and budgets. 

Here you will be able to obtain a comparison of the best spearguns for freediving fishing and spearguns at the best price on the internet, all types of harpoons and shotguns for freediving fishing on sale and at the best price, from the famous roller guns, through the from double or single rubber bands to the revered rifles that work with compressed air. 

If you are a beginner and you want to get started in this exciting sport or you are a regular fisherman of the seabed, this guide will help you clarify some concepts for choosing our shotgun, either with aluminum tube or the top of the range made of carbon fiber, light and resistant. brands likeCressi, Spetton, Beuchat, Omer, C4 are leaders in the sector.

Types of spearguns and harpoons for spearfishing

Taking into account the firing system of the rifle we can find:

  • Pneumatic gun or compressed air
  • rubber band rifle
  • roller rifle

Observing the manufacture of the speargun can be:

  • Aluminum tube rifles
  • carbon fiber rifles
  • wooden rifles

pneumatic guns

pneumatic guns

These apnea fishing harpoons are authentic « best sellers » the compressed air spearguns for spearfishing are fast and easy to use , and their power will pleasantly surprise you, 100% recommended. There are many types and we can find ourselves among the hydro- pneumatic, oleo-pneumatic with oil, pneumatic or compressed air guns

This class has a greater ease of loading than one with rubber bands, they are also very powerful and precise, unlike what people think. These compressed air guns can be loaded with different atmospheres of pressure, giving different powers to each model.

Pneumatic guns were very popular in the 1960s and 70s, but today they are only popular in a few parts of the world. These powerful weapons feature minimal recoiland it is possible to perform long-distance shots with a certain degree of accuracy. 

The power of a pneumatic harpoon can be increased based on the amount of air that is pumped into it, however, since the weapon needs to be loaded by the diver, the power of the pneumatic speargun is limited to the strength of the speargun (although there are rifles with special loading devices) also with good technique you can minimize the force needed to load these rifles. 

As a general rule, pneumatic guns use a harpoon of 8 mm in diameter, which is very difficult to bend, offers a great impact and the penetration in the fish is very great. Pneumatic gun length is measured from the stock to the tip, with common sizes including:


  • 55cm
  • 70cm
  • 90cm
  • 100cm
  • 110cm
  • 135cm

In general, the smaller pneumatic rifles are easier and faster to load , as opposed to the larger ones which tend to be more difficult to load and require special tools to load. In both cases, the diver fishing with a pneumatic gun needs a charger at all times. 

Some pneumatic rifles have a power regulator, this option can be very useful for close-range shots, thus facilitating the loading of larger weapons with higher pressure, and the discharge of the rifle is faster before leaving the water. 

Pneumatic **spearguns offer a reliable option for spearfishers,**They are a compact and powerful weapon, although we must take into account some negative points to consider. 

For example, with a pneumatic rifle, the diameter or output cylinder of the harpoon is quite large, this can be detrimental to precision if we do not know our weapon well. 

Also, pneumatic guns are somewhat noisy when fired , which can scare away other fish within the fishing area. Finally, the pneumatic gun requires more maintenance in addition to a regular inspection to prevent compressed air from escaping and damaging the general mechanism.

rubber band rifles

Rubber loading harpoons are very popular all over the world , this speargun is very powerful and accurate. 

These fishing guns have the advantage that they are virtually silent when fired from them. With rubber spearguns, the fisherman can see the complete path that the harpoon follows from its beginning to the end. 

Unlike pneumatic guns, the power of the rubber band gun can be increased simply by adding more bands or rubber bands for its load, plus another advantage is that they require very little maintenance.

They are usually spearguns with an aluminum tube and depending on their measurements they can be suitable for all types of subfishing styles, such as freediving, waiting fishing, hole fishing, stalking or open water, including brands such as Cressi, Beuchat, Omersub, Spetton, Mares, Salvimar etc. 

Most rifles that use rubber bands for their propulsion use 6.5mm or 7mm diameter harpoons . The length of these rifles are measured from the muzzle to the butt.

The most popular lengths are:

  • 50cm
  • 75cm
  • 90cm
  • 100cm
  • 110cm
  • 130cm

No special charger is required for charging , but it is recommended that the diver wear gloves and a chest charging pad for protection. Multiband rifles require more time to load, increasing the time depending on the number of rubber bands installed in our spearfishing harpoon. 

One of the few drawbacks of using this type of fishing gun is the thickness of the harpoon, because they are not usually very thick, sometimes they can bend when we want to fish large fish, although today the quality of the materials minimize these factors.

Roller spearguns for spearfishing

roller spearguns

Roller type speargun is really new in the market , it is very popular in South Africa and Australia. The roller system, bases its operation on acting on rubber measures that double the conventional measure that would correspond to the size of the rifle, granting greater force and impulse of the harpoon in the shot and with a much lower loading effort, reduced by the pulleys of our head. 

Thus we will be able to have an 85 cm rifle, with the firing and impact energy of a traditional 105 cm rifle, at the same time with a reduced loading effort. 

The first Roller rifles were large, unwieldy, difficult to maintain, clumsy in movement, heavy in the water, but all this ended with the new last generation Roller rifles, such as the Spetton Roller Teknic rifle, a conventional rifle, with fast movements thanks to its lightness and easy maintenance.

The Roller rifle uses harpoons from 7 to 8 mm in diameter with a single point . The harpoon is guided by the gun’s namesake rail (also known as the harpoon guide), which runs the full length of the barrel, ensuring that the harpoon is thrown with complete precision. 

The Roller rifle has a plastic head that accommodates one to three rubber bands by wrapping them around the muzzle. 

The thickness of the rubbers depends on the number of rubbers that we are going to use, for a rifle with double rubbers we will use rubbers of 16 to 18 mm thickness, and for simple rubbers we will have a rubber of about 20 mm in diameter. The biggest disadvantage of the Roller rifle is that this type of system makes a bit of noise when we fire it.

wooden rifles

wooden rifle

As we already know, the ancestors of the rifles that we know today were made of wood, much more rudimentary than the current ones, as always, fashion is cyclical and this type of shotguns have returned to the fore in stores and shop windows all over the world. world. 

However, the wooden rifles are usually handcrafted, made by their own spearfishers who are fans of the design and construction of accessories and material for their favorite hobby. 

There are also brands that have launched into the construction of wooden rifles in series, although many of these models are bought on request and usually have somewhat exclusive prices. For the most romantic spearfishing or simply because you like wood with rubber bands,

If you don’t know how to make a wooden speargun for spearfishing don’t worry, we are not all “handymen” and as we have told you, there are many models of this type of wooden speargun or “logs” as they are called in the world. of the pescasub, manufactured in series and with truly incredible performance . These rifles come with a protective layer that is highly resistant to corrosion from sea salt, so you don’t have to worry about the deterioration of water on the wood, but you should give it care and pampering so that the life of your weapon is even greater. .

carbon fiber rifles

If you are a PRO of this spearfishing and you like top-of-the-range spearguns, without a doubt those made entirely of carbon fiber will be your best choice. Its weight is really light, you will hardly notice that you are carrying a powerful weapon under the sea, very handy and easy to use. Carbon spearguns are especially used by experienced spearfishers or in **sports competitions that require high-end material.**with very high performance to be able to capture the greatest number of prey or the heaviest catch, since these events must be taken into account that we are going to be underwater for many hours and we need to carry the least possible weight so as not to wear ourselves out too much, for Both these shotguns made of carbon fiber perfectly fulfill this task, adding that they are extremely precise and silent, does anyone give more? a pity that their prices easily exceed €300 . We can always give ourselves a whim, right?

Parts of the speargun or spearfishing harpoon


Let’s get to know all the details and details about which are the most important parts of our speargun and what characteristics we must take into account in each of them before deciding to buy one or another harpoon for spearfishing. 

Factors such as the length of the rifle, types of rods, tips and tridents, rubbers, heads, accessories and a long etcetera we are going to have to weigh before finding the perfect weapon, so let’s go there!

rifle length

Choosing the correct spearfishing spear length depends on a variety of factors. The three most important factors are:

  • The species you want to fish
  • visibility in the water
  • the fishing area

Generally speaking, the shorter 50cm to 75cm fishing spears are useful in caves and cavities where visibility is poor. Longer spearguns, more than 75 cm , offer a greater reach for fishing pelagic species since they are difficult to approach when the water is clear. 

As an example, a 120cm speargun is ideal in many situations, especially when spearfishing on reefs, while 150cm or 160cm spearguns are better for open water spearfishing where large fish are found . pelagic species.

fishing harpoons

Spearfishing rods or harpoons range in diameter from 6mm to 9mm and are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel rods are the best option as this material is highly resistant to corrosion, while galvanized steel spears are stronger, galvanized steel rusts after a short period of exposure to salt water.

rifle reel

There are many models of reels for harpoons , it is best to first opt ​​for a universal reel suitable for all models. 

There are reels for spearfishing at very different prices, from the most economical and cheap ones made of plastic to top-of-the-range reels made of much lighter and more resistant materials, widely used in championships and world championships held in this sport. 

It is not a fundamental piece, but without a doubt, it is highly recommended if we want to pick up the harpoon once it has been fired more quickly and without the danger of it being lost in the darkness of the depths of the Great Blue.

Points and Tridents


Most fishing harpoons have a single point , these rods are recommended for fishing species with more delicate skin, where a single point of perforation is needed, for example, pollock, mackerel, sea bream. Spearguns with pitchforks or triple tips are recommended for species with thicker skin or fish where more aggressive penetration is needed, for example grouper, bass, snapper etc. 

One drawback to using a pitchfork spearfishing spear is the fact that they are more susceptible to damage from hitting rocks or other hard surfaces, these spears will bend much more when compared to a single prong rod.

elastic bands

Other things being equal, a 22 to 40 cm long rubber band offers less potential energy than a 12 to 20 cm long rubber band. The fact of using additional rubber bands increases the potential energy in a linear way, that is, two rubber bands of 12 to 20 cm in length produce 45 kg of potential energy, if we were to put 2 parallel rubber bands on our harpoon, they would produce just twice as much. potential energy, i.e. 90 kg. 

Speargun slings are usually made from latex and come in sizes 22-40cm, 12-20cm and 7-10cm. Some bands come with wishbones (links) already installed, although some divers prefer to purchase their own material and accessories independently and install them themselves.

firing line

The line or nylon that follows the fishing harpoon when it is fired is called the shooting or shooting line. The firing line may be attached to the gun or to a gun reel. 

When considering a shooting line, weight is critical, as lighter line means less drag. Shooting lines are commonly available in nylon, dyneema, kevlar, monofilament, and stainless steel wire. 

Other options include braided, waxed, or coated lines. As a general rule, the stiffest lines prevent tangles. The strength of the firing lines generally varies between 90 kg and 450 kg. Keep in mind that in spearfishing or freediving the weakest link is the attachment point of a shooting line. 

Nylon or monofilament lines work well in most situations, they are durable for a long time, although cables can rust or become damaged sooner than nylon and monofilament cables are necessary for freediving large catches.

rifle head

rifle head

The head is the final part of the fishing harpoon
, there are two models, open head and closed head.. Each of them has its pros and cons, an indisputable advantage in an open head fishing spear is the line of sight, gained by the hole it leaves in it. Open heads also tend to be quieter than closed heads. 

However, an open head speargun is more difficult to load, although some spearguns feel that an open head is not as accurate especially on a high end speargun. Like many things in this sport, the choice of open or closed head often comes down to personal preference. 

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the material of the head, those made of nylon have more strength than those made of aluminum.

Some brands of harpoons and spearguns

When it comes to buying a speargun, we find an enormous diversity, both in brands, types, features, lengths, materials and a long list of small particularities to take into account. 

Every day manufacturers around the world, such as the main brands Cressi, Spetton, Beuchat, Mares, Omer, among others, are spending millions of euros to innovate and design the perfect weapon for spearfishing. 

The thing to keep in mind is that each speargun has its pros and cons , and what really follows is that there is no one fishing spear that is right for all conditions, all species, or all divers, but rather:

We must choose the one that best suits our personal conditions and particular tastes as spearfishing.

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