Perfect Fishing Rod: How To Choose Correctly?

Learn how to choose the perfect fishing rod for your type of fishing.

Perfect Fishing Rod: How To Choose Correctly?
With a multitude of model brands on the fishing market, is it getting more and more difficult to choose the perfect fishing rod for your fishing trip? Do not be shaken, for you are not alone in this fight. That’s because thousands of fishermen from Brazil and the world probably ask this same question every day in search of an ideal equipment to increase the productivity of their fishery.

But how is it possible to know exactly which fishing rod is right for you if the fishing supplies market is so diverse and full of options? Quality is key, but the right type of fishing rod will save you money and a lot of right hooks.

It is to help you in this choice that these tips below will be shared. Follow along with me to learn more about which fishing rod is right for you and your fishing technique.

What is the right length of fishing rod?

The length of the fishing rod is critical to the success of your fishing, so you should be aware of some important aspects regarding the ideal size.

For example, if you are going to fish on the beach, you will need to cast long casts, so rods longer than 3 meters in length will be essential for this type of fishing.

In fishing in fisheries, there are particularly two ranges of rod size that can be successful: rods between 2.10 and 2.40 meters in length for longer casts, in the middle of lakes. These poles are also usually strong, with a minimum of 25lbs up to 80lbs. There is also the option of fishing rods for Traíras, Black Bass and other predators. In this case, poles between 1.60 meters and 1.85 meters will be excellent for this purpose.

In river fishing there will be a greater variation in rod length, so it will depend a lot on the distance of the casts, if the fishing is from ravine or boat, the species sought and the size of the fish you can catch. Virtually all rod lengths can be put to good use in river fishing.

What is the best material for fishing rods?

This information is very subjective, as it depends a lot on the fisherman’s taste. Advanced technology offers us modern rods, usually produced in graphite, very sensitive and ideal for fishing with artificial baits. It’s not that graphite rods can’t be used in heavier fishing, but they really are spectacular in fishing for the most popular predators, such as Peacock Bass, Black Bass, Sea Bass and Traíra.

but what about fiberglass rods, are they obsolete? That answer is: yes and no. Yes, because they are rods that have not evolved much over time, and no, because they are still very useful and current in some fisheries. Some fiberglass rods are still loved and used, such as the famous Sportex rods used in beach fishing.

The choice of material can be very much up to you and will also depend on what type of technique you will use. If you practice different techniques, the ideal thing is that you have a few different types of rod so you don’t get unprepared.

Fast, Medium or Slow Action?

This is one of the main things you should consider when purchasing your next fishing rod. And this is very impacting on the success of your fishing. The action controls the speed with which the rod returns to its original position during the hook. This is where the fast, medium and slow designations come from.

Fast-acting rods have greater sensitivity and agile hooking. They are very efficient in fishing predatory and very fighting fish because their hook is very efficient. They usually bend to a little below the tip.

Medium action rods are ideal for fishing with longer casts and also tend to bend halfway down the rod.

On the other hand, slow action rods are bendable to almost the handle of the rod and make for longer and more fun fights. If you enjoy ultralight fishing for Trout, Jacundás and other sport fish, this can be a good option.

What is the efficiency of the fishing rod in the action x size of the fish?

Closely related to the action of the fishing rod, energy is a rod’s ability to withstand pressure. As you’re probably guessing, heavier rods are best for larger fish, while lighter rods work best for smaller ones. With a few exceptions, such as in Traíra fishing, where quick action can be useful as the fangs are very agile and you may need a firmer hook and catch your fish quickly.

What is the best brand of fishing rods?

Some brands of fishing rods need no introduction, and I can easily name the following brands here:

  • Lumis Sticks
  • Daiwa sticks
  • Shimano rods
  • Saint Plus
  • trabucco
  • okuma
  • write

Other brands have good rods and I can recommend that you research more about the best models from these manufacturers:

  • Marine Sports
  • Albatross Fishing
  • maruri
  • Xingu
  • ottoni

Final considerations

Knowing how to choose a fishing rod is not easy. There’s a lot to consider, especially if you’re buying one for the first time. The good news is that you can avoid a lot of guesswork just by knowing the essentials that this article has shown you. Be sure to ask other anglers for recommendations and check online fishing rod reviews before you buy.

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