Inflatable Kayak For 1 Or 2 People, Tips On How To Choose Yours

Some people prefer to refer to an inflatable kayak as a fully compact type of watercraft . Therefore, it is a version that can be transported easily.

Inflatable Kayak For 1 Or 2 People, Tips On How To Choose Yours
Inflatable Kayak For 1 Or 2 People, Tips On How To Choose Yours

Created in Germany, the kayak became famous in the 70’s , when television stations began to show extreme sports involving this type of vessel.

With such disclosure, several versions of the kayak appeared, including the inflatable model .

Efficient and practical, inflatable kayaks are ideal for recreational and sports activities on lakes, rivers and even at sea. The model is also good for fishing and camping.

Smaller in size, it accommodates one, two or more people.

Therefore, it has great simplicity and benefits such as ease of transport .

Current models have as their main feature the ease of inflating and deflating , in addition to being more resistant.

In this way, today we are here to mention the advantages of the inflatable kayak and how you can choose yours.

We will also mention what are the main differences between inflatable and conventional kayaks , so that you understand which would be the best for your purchase.

Know how it works and the advantages of getting an inflatable kayak

Well, an inflatable kayak works just like the traditional model .

That is, the person needs a paddle to direct the kayak and can use it in various activities related to leisure , amateur competitions or even for work .

Some complete models have the installation of extra accessories , for example: probes, GPS, pedal or even electric motors.

Therefore, it is interesting that you know this equipment through its advantages. So, understand that the inflatable kayak is very compact .

As you can inflate and deflate the kayak, it takes up a smaller space and can be stored in a very small space when compared to traditional models. In this way, it is free from the natural wear and tear of the action of time, dust, etc.

So, in addition to practicality, you will also be able to find cheaper inflatable kayak models , when compared to the prices of conventional kayaks.

That is, it is a practical device that has an affordable price.

Inflatable and conventional kayak – Understand the differences

The kayak is used by a large part of sport fishermen in Brazil, adept at the kayak fishing style .

In addition to offering an extra emotion in fishing, it becomes practical in navigation in lakes, dams and rivers , being stable and reaching good speeds .

Despite serving the same purpose, it is very common to be in doubt when buying an inflatable or conventional kayak . Although some characteristics can make a difference when choosing between them.

So, check out the differences between the two types of kayak in order to understand which one is best for you:

First of all, it is worth mentioning that with the inflatable kayak, you will have to assemble it, that is, this equipment requires you to inflate it and fix the accessories .

In addition to this feature, the inflatable model is cheaper, doesn’t take up much space in transport and has simple maintenance , just clean and let it dry.

Otherwise, the conventional kayak does not need to be assembled, is expensive and requires special equipment to be transported such as the support or rack .

Another point of the conventional model is that it requires greater maintenance, as the person must apply varnish or paraffin , depending on the material.

And just by these features you could see why we are talking about the inflatable model today, right? In another post, we’ll talk about conventional kayaks.

Well, the conventional kayak is less practical, in addition to being sold for a higher price.

Therefore, it becomes interesting to invest in the inflatable model, in view of all the function and price. The values ​​may vary according to the model and manufacturer, but the simplest models can be purchased from R$ 300.00.

How to choose the best inflatable kayak

Now you can check out some features, before investing in your kayak, let’s go:


The first point would be the material of your kayak.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the inflatable models are made of vinyl or pneumatic PVC tarpaulins and similar materials.

Generally speaking, vinyl and PVC are malleable tarpaulins. The highest capacity kayaks are made of extra reinforced materials.

That is, the choice of material depends on your preferences.

But, a very interesting tip is that you choose materials that are capable of patching and repairing , as this can be very useful in a time of emergency.


The capacity of the inflatable kayak is determined by the number of occupants and the weight that is supported. Thus, the models range from one to three places.

Speaking of kayaking with a seat , you can check the slide and the best way to navigate , as it is lighter.

The two-person inflatable kayak , as well as the three-person models , offer inferior performance due to weight.

But, it’s good to keep in mind the weights of the load, all the equipment and the fisherman.

If you fish alone , the ideal is to invest in an inflatable kayak model that can support two people .

This is a good strategy as you will be considering your weight and including the load weight .

This way it is possible to prevent your kayak from giving problems in the future, due to excess weight.


The inflation process may vary according to the brand and manufacturer, in addition to the type of valve and the size of the vessel.

Most kayaks can be inflated with common air pumps , those used in inflatable mattresses.

But, full kayak models may require compressors , automated pumps or air motors to inflate.

That is, even before investing in the equipment, consider its inflation.

By the way, as a tip, do not over-inflate the kayak because this affects the material due to strong pressure.

size and shape

The size and shape of the kayak directly influence the stability and performance of the equipment .

In this way, understand that for beginner fishermen , the ideal is to invest in wide and short kayaks , as they offer greater stability during navigation and during fishing .

These thinner and elongated models are less water resistant and practical in the midst of navigation. Because they don’t require much effort from the rower, in addition to gliding well. However , this type of kayak requires a good paddler experience .


Finally, understand that the accessories are the oars , pedal , carrying bag , removable seats , repair kit , such as the air pumps .

All these accessories can be good because they are functional , but it is worth mentioning that they can make the final price of the equipment higher.

That way, it’s good to think about the accessories that are essential, evaluating the activities that need to be done.

That way, you can avoid investing in a gear you don’t use often.

Conclusion about the inflatable kayak

Well, the inflatable kayak is not equipment that was made for use in high friction activities .

Otherwise, the person will invest in a kayak that, in a few months, will have problems due to misuse.

Therefore, it is ideal for simpler activities done by a fisherman or an individual who wants to practice water sports .

Therefore, before investing in such equipment, analyze whether it can in fact help you to do the activity.

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