If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Fish, What Species Would It Be?

A fun and curious combination of traits between zodiac signs and fish species.

The other day I was reading some fishing articles around the world and I found some very curious ones, among them one that crossed zodiac signs and fish species, according to similar behavioral characteristics.

If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Fish, What Species Would It Be?
If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Fish, What Species Would It Be?

I found it very interesting but I confess that some of them were a little confused, since the author left out important details of certain signs, so I decided to create this article with my own interpretation of the theme.

As we fishermen breathe fishing, why not play with this topic by making this interesting analogy? I hope you won’t be disappointed with my chosen species for your sign ok. And remember, it’s just a joke.

Check your zodiac sign in species of fish and why this species was chosen

1. Aries – The Peacock Bass

Like the Peacock Bass, Aryans have strong contact with their individuality, and can even seem a little selfish at times. They are known for their physical disposition and do not tire easily. In addition, they can go through certain emotional outbursts and do not give up easily in order to achieve their goals.

2. Bull – The Catfish

Calm, strong and persistent like a catfish, the Taurus is not easily irritated. They may show a certain slowness to act, and this is part of their sense of security. A Taurus is often strategic in everything he does.

3. Twins – The Sea Bass

Like the Bass, which can live in the sea, river and mangroves, the Gemini has the ability to adapt easily and move smoothly between two sides of an issue. This can be explained by their restlessness in new challenges, learning and experiences.

4. Cancer – The Betrayal

Cancerians are emotional and sensitive, in addition to having the characteristic of always seeking safety and protection. This can be seen in their everyday behavior.

Cancerians have a strong instinct for action guided by their feelings. They have a strong paternal / maternal profile, and may suffer emotional fluctuations.

5. Lion – The Golden

Vain and good-natured, Leos have everything to do with Gold, as they are easily detached and charismatic. Their nobility of character is another strong mark of this sign, in addition to their unending energy and they like to be the center of attention.

6. Virgo – The Tilapia

Virgos are highly self-critical, which can lead them to underestimate their own talents quite easily. Tilapia is a fish that puts its young in its mouth to protect them, as well as a Virgo who is the most loyal sign with those he truly loves, family, friends and in love relationships.

7. Libra – The King Fish

The Kingfish is a species that lives in schools and the Libra is known for its companionship, which can be one of its outstanding characteristics. Libra has a natural appreciation for everything that can be considered beautiful, such as silversides that are caught with small, bright and attractive artificial lures.

8. Scorpio – The Marlin

Strong intuition is a hallmark of Scorpios as is their tendency to be guided by their emotions, not unlike the Marlim. Very connected with their feelings, they can develop possessive and obsessive behaviors. Have you ever seen a Marlin following a lure? So see, and understand what I’m talking about. Intensity, strength and ability to reinvent yourself, even in the face of very challenging situations, are characteristics of those who have the Scorpio sign.

9. Sagittarius – The Sardine

Sagittarius are generally outgoing, spontaneous and communicative people who don’t like loneliness at all. The ever-present idealism also makes the Sagittarius sign the ideal booster, capable of infecting any team without much effort. Sardines live in large shoals and, like Sagittarians, they have a free soul and an adventurous heart, loving big trips.

10. Capricorn – The Oscars

Practicality and maturity are typical Capricorn traits. Independent like an Oscar, they tend to make their own way and don’t rely too much on routes traced by other people. The excess of material focus of the Capricorn and also the Oscar can contribute to the development of overly ambitious postures such as the act of devouring prey that often barely fit in its mouth.

11. Aquarius – The Salmon

Salmon is a fish that naturally swims against the tide. Aquarians can have a questioning and radical profile, and in some situations they can disagree with the majority for the simple fact of always wanting to be different. Friendship relationships tend to be very important for Aquarians and Aquarians, this feeling is mainly born out of a strong sense of collectivity. What can be more collective than returning to the place where you were born to breed and give your puppies a safe place, even if your life is at risk for it?

12. Pisces – Piracanjuba

Empathy and humility can be strong Pisces traits. Difficult to be hooked, piracanjubas can look a lot like Pisceans who usually capture things in the air, they are often very discreet and observant people who can perceive the world through observation. They are always connected with their intuition.

I let myself be carried away by the imagination to choose the “fish” of the sign of Pisces, a species that for me represents the very universal image of a fish, anatomically speaking. Since childhood we all draw our fish in practically the same way and Piracanjuba is really very similar to those of our childhood drawings. So I chose this species as “the fish”!

Final considerations

Did your fish/sign please you? Did you agree with the choice or were you a little disappointed? Remember that this post was just a cross-reference to my way of seeing things so I’m fully aware that you may disagree with my statements. That’s why it’s important that you now, after reading this article, leave your opinion in the comments, or even a complement that can be useful for any of the signs in relation to the chosen fish.

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