How To Fish Mullet: Learn 7 Sure Tips

Fishing is an amazing sport and full of small details. The more we inform and learn, the greater the chances of mastering techniques and capturing great brutes.

How To Fish Mullet: Learn 7 Sure Tips
How To Fish Mullet: Learn 7 Sure Tips

To know how to fish mullet, it is necessary to pay attention to some details. This species is usually caught with cast nets by fishmongers, but it is also a lot of fun to hook in sport fishing .

Want to find out the best way to catch this fish? Below, we list 7 must-see tips. Check with us!

1. Know the species

When we talk about the mullet fish, we are referring to several species of the Mugil family. The most common is precisely the Brazilian variation, called Mugil brasiliensis . In our country, in addition to “mullet”, it can also receive other names, such as curumã, taipara, cambira and parati.

Identifying this fish is easy! It has an elongated body, with a wider center and tapered ends. Its skin is covered in very large, shiny scales, which give it a bluish-silver color.

To identify the mullet, just look at its shape and color.

Regarding its habitat, this animal can live both in salt water , usually in shallower regions, near shores, channels and reefs, and in fresh water, in mangroves, estuaries and coastal areas.

They usually feed during the day. Their favorite foods are algae, but they also eat aquatic microorganisms and small debris.

2. Know where to find the mullet

Mullet is present in most Brazilian states : from Amapá to Paraná, close to the coast, it is possible to catch good specimens. Good news is that it moves in large schools, that is, when you find one, it is quite likely that in the region where you are fishing, many others will appear.

It usually takes shelter in calmer waters, a little below the surface and close to aquatic vegetation, thanks to its eating habits.

3. Choose good equipment

The main tip on how to fish mullet is that, because it is a small fish with a very fragile mouth, it is preferable to use light rods , such as bamboo or telescopic rods . The length can vary between 4.5 and 6.5 meters.

The telescopic rod is great for mullet fishing on the hook.

Regarding the hook, the best choice is the size 3 or 4 chinu . To keep the bait always on the bottom, use a heavy pellet next to the bait, and a toothpick float to identify the hook.

The line can be monofilament or multifilament , between 30 and 40 millimeters. Depending on where you are fishing, it is also interesting to use fluorocarbon on the tip, preventing it from bursting between the antlers.

4. Use a variety of baits

When we talk about bait for mullet fishing, the good news is that the fish attacks a multitude of them. So, to keep him from getting sly, bring a good amount of options.

Some of the ideas that work are:

  • pieces of bread
  • chicken breast and skin
  • Beef offal (tripe, liver, testicle)
  • sweet ready dough

Artificial baits are not recommended, as fish often attack natural baits. If you want to make your own pasta, use strong-smelling ingredients and also something sweet, as this attracts the attention of the mullet.

5. Apply fishing techniques

As we have already said, the mullet is a much more modest fish than other species. Therefore, the secret of your fishing is not in brute force, but in patience and wisdom.

Want to fish mullet? Be calm and patient!

First, you need to look for the depth at which the fish is attacking. You can do this by adjusting your system with stoppers or simply a slip knot, leaving the sinker lower or higher.

The mullet is skittish, and its hook is quite violent. As soon as she attacks, let her tire, working the pole with your hand, until it’s time to pull her close.

6. Dress properly

The last tip is precisely one of the most important. When you go out fishing, you are exposed to numerous external factors – such as heat, cold, sun, rain, wind – which, over time, can end up causing damage to your health.

To protect yourself, it is very important to use a fishing shirt with protection against ultraviolet rays. This piece of clothing will prevent you from developing burns, or even more serious health problems such as premature aging and skin cancer.

Another important feature of the shirts is the dry fit fabric, an ultra-flexible and comfortable mesh that facilitates the fisherman’s movements and also helps in controlling body temperature, preventing the body from getting hot or getting cold easily.

To complete the outfit, wear a mask and hat or cap, as the head, face and neck regions are also quite exposed.

Now that you know everything about how to fish mullet, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice! With the right equipment and techniques, you will find that sport fishing is a lot of fun.

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