Find Out When And Who Can Use A Fishing Net

Many fishermen have doubts about using the net for fishing: after all, can anyone use it? Is there a time or place when the practice is prohibited? Can I fish any species with a net? These are just some of the most common questions and if they’ve also been there, don’t worry: we’ll answer them all for you!

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Find Out When And Who Can Use A Fishing Net

Throughout this post we will tell you everything you need to know about net fishing. To check out all the rules for practice just follow the reading with us!

Who can use the net for fishing?

First of all, it is important to clarify that the fishing net is that accessory flexible, produced in meshes and fibers, and used to catch a larger quantity of fish. Equipment with these characteristics is released under some conditions, but rigid nets (used in traps) are prohibited, ok? So it is essential to understand this difference before anything else.

With that in mind, let’s talk about who can use the net for fishing: the apparatus is released to professional fishermen, as long as they have their fishing license up to date and make use of the material in accordance with the fishing rules defined by legislation. .

Understand the rules for net fishing

Now that you know that only professional fishermen are allowed to practice net fishing, let’s check the rules for using the equipment. These rules may vary according to the legislation of each state, so it is important to find out the definitions of the place where you intend to fish before anything.

Despite this difference, we are going to share with you some general rules, check them out:

1. Can I fish with a net at any time of the year?

Not. Normally, fishing of any kind is prohibited during the spawning season, which is the fish breeding season.

If you are caught fishing during this period, the Environmental Police will seize all your material and you can pay a fine of at least R$700.

2. What types of networks can I use?

Specifications on the types and sizes of net allowed may vary from place to place, but generally speaking, nets cannot be too large so as not to injure or even kill the fish. Mesh nets are the most used in Brazil, but cast nets, trawls and other models are also allowed.

3. Can I use the fishing net to catch any species?

Some species are prohibited, such as exotic fish, but there are rules regarding the amount of fish caught, so it is important to be aware. This norm can also vary from one place to another, but law 9605 of 1998 defines as a crime the fishing of quantities greater than those allowed, considering predatory fishing when an amount greater than the replacement capacity is taken from the environment.

After Piracema, the quantity is also limited: professional fishermen can catch 400 kg per month, respecting the minimum sizes established for each species.

Now it’s easier to understand the use of the fishing net, right? Remember to inform yourself about the rules set for the place where your fishing will be carried out to avoid any problems and keep your professional fisherman’s license up to date.

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