Diving Fins For Spearfishing. What Types Are There And Which Are The Best And Cheap To Buy ? #divingfins #spearfishing #bestdivingfins #cheapdivingfins

Do you need to buy some diving fins and you don’t know which ones to choose? Tips for buying the best fins

Diving Fins For Spearfishing
Diving Fins For Spearfishing

Diving fins are essential to be able to move quickly under the sea , as well as to apply the necessary force to move as the density of the water increases and presses us more strongly.

Being something that we cannot do without if we are going to dive or practice water sports where we may need to move freely under the water, it is essential to find the best fins and that is precisely what we want to help you do here with this complete guide on diving fins, snorkeling and other water sports .

Types of fins for diving and spearfishing

As you can imagine, you will find a number of different types of fins . Some focus on the activity to be carried out, others on comfort when taking them off and putting them on, on whether you prefer the shovel to be more or less rigid, in one piece or more…

There is much that is considered and, therefore, much also what you can choose so that getting the perfect ones for you is something simple.

Adjustable or open heel fins

cressi fins

Due to the characteristic that gives them their name , they are the most used , because there is nothing better than wearing clothes and other adjusted accessories in the way that best suits each one of us.

These fins stand out for putting on and taking off very easily. On the other hand, they need to be used with neoprene boots or similar . In any case, they are the most common for scuba diving.

How are they regulated?

  • With adjustable straps and buckles . We choose the fastening to our liking. Both fastening and unfastening is very simple, so they are a great option for those who prefer to take them off as soon as they get out of the water.
  • With springs . This regulation system is more durable, so that the investment is better amortized. The fit cannot be customized to our liking but is given based on the measurements and characteristics of your foot and ankle. For this reason, it is very important to spend time choosing the right ones, thus avoiding the appearance of chafing due to poor coupling.

Full foot, closed or full foot fins

These are not regulated, but have a closed, unalterable space for the ankle , having to wear them to put them on; hence its name.

These are used without booties or other protection such as booties, making it easier to play with the foot but, in turn, being more exposed, which makes them a good option for activities such as freediving or snorkeling , limiting scuba diving to to be practiced in hot waters.

Split finned or split

They make the effort to get a propulsion less than if we use the blade . The common thing is to make recreational use of them. These types of fins offer more resistance and can be used as propellers.

paddle or paddle

These are the ones with the conventional blades that we have been seeing for decades and decades. There are very varied in terms of material, design and functionality today but the essence remains.

With unique design on the blades, which are usually a single rigid piece . With them a great power finning is achieved and they are used professionally; essential to be in good physical shape .

fins shovel

long shovel

The fin is longer, which is an advantage if what you want is to dive, because you flap little and gain a lot of power. If your main interest is diving, opt for these yes or yes.

short shovel

They are used for other purposes, such as snorkeling. We have that, simply, the length of the blade is less. Thus, they are more comfortable to maneuver but do not offer us a huge boost.

Types of fin manufacturing materials according to their use

Two main materials are used to make these pieces:

neoprene rubber

It is used both to design whole fins, softer, and to form the foot pocket.


It is used instead of rubber for some booties or booties for spearfishing and diving.


Like the previous one, it is a material that can sometimes be found in the foot pocket area of ​​the fins.


In most cases, a combination of rubber, thermo-rubber or silicone is used with plastic parts that provide strength and lightness.

How do I know which foot size or fin size is right for me?

Let’s start by indicating that the size of the fin does not vary so much in the part number as in the activity to be carried out . Thus, you should consider, depending on your intention, if you need a long, medium or short shovel, since not all of them are equally suitable for all activities .

That is first. Of course, whether you choose them long, medium or short, you will see that they are greater the more the chosen number is. This usually corresponds to your usual shoe size .

In any case, what you must control is that your fingers do not reach the part near the end of the fin . Think that this is going to act as an extension of your feet and these should act as an articulation, so that there should be several centimeters of empty fin.

Likewise, don’t overlook the fact that your zipper is too tight or too loose ; this will make swimming a pain in the ass, it’s much more important than you think.

Our advice is that you always try them on in the store . It is understandable that you want to buy them online, and, of course, we encourage you to do so, since the prices are obviously lower. However, once you have chosen some pairs, stop by to try them on, even if you finish the process at home.

If your fin is adjustable , you will have to wear the boot that you are going to use. When you put your foot in, make sure that the upper part of the shoe meets your ankle. That way, your heel shouldn’t stick out. In the case of the envelopes , move your legs and ankles energetically to check that they do not dance.


How to care for and maintain your fins so that they last longer?

Let’s see what tips are the simplest and at the same time useful to keep your shovels in good condition and for a long time:

  • Every time you come back from a dive give them a fresh water rinse.
  • You do not have to rub them or apply any product; just dip them in and take them out several times.
  • Use, preferably, warm water, as this helps to crumble remains and dissolve the salt.
  • Dry them outdoors, with indirect light, as the sun will make the materials suffer.
  • You can remove excess moisture with a soft towel, patting them, never rubbing them.
  • Store them in a space where they are perfectly supported, flat, to prevent them from deforming.
  • Do not throw away your blades when their strips suffer, as these have a shorter useful life than other materials. Just remember to have spare straps, learn how to put them on, and check them before they break in a dive.

What are the best most recognized brands in the world of fins for diving and spearfishing?


Although there are many more, without a doubt, the following four brands of fins are the most recognized, reputable and, of course, the ones that you will see the most in recommendations, either on the internet or in specialized stores.


Without a doubt, this is a world-renowned brand in the water sports sector, especially snorkeling, swimming, underwater fishing and, above all, diving.

Founded in Italy by two brothers in 1946 , it is present in 90 countries where it offers three hundred products. Their main facilities, in Genoa, include 16,000 square meters, where the vast number of products they offer are manufactured. In this way, they have direct control over the quality standard.

They have brought many revolutionary products to the market such as the Rondine Fin, the Pinocchio Mask and its subsequent reduced volume makeover, or the Big Eyes Mask .


It is a company framed in the diving equipment industry that was born in 1949 in Italy , founded by Ludovico Mares, who is the one who gives it its name today.

It started with the design and manufacture of spearguns and diving masks. The expansion has been unstoppable and, thanks to its success, it now caters to all kinds of diving lovers all over the world. Undoubtedly, the experience in the market betrays its high quality, as does its union with Dacor, a true American benchmark.

Its products are categorized into diving regulators and octopuses, computational devices, such as compasses, watches, etc., diving clothing, masks, fins and a wide variety of accessories such as torches, bags or knives.

scuba pro

It was born in 1963 by Dick Bonin and Gustav Valle . From that moment until today, its products are the result of combining highly intuitive designs and cutting-edge technologies. This has led them to always be referents in their field.

It is a firm specializing in diving, including, in addition to fins, other products such as vests, thermal protection, masks, tubes.

It has a presence in 17 different locations in 13 countries , employing half a hundred people. Thus, we see that more is not always better because, despite presenting modest figures in this aspect, they are, without a doubt, the main recommended products for this sport.


The company is named after its first product launched, a self-contained regulator diving system . This was the first, of course, on the market. But the brand continued to launch products with patents, such as El Mistral, El Calypso or La Spirotechnique (which is what the firm was previously called) because since its inception, in 1943 , they had two notable personalities, a naval officer and an engineer. .

In its early years, expansion took place in some European countries, starting from France, and a distributor was also found in the United States. It is in 1963 that La Spiro joins an Italian manufacturer and begins to manufacture fins, thanks to the contribution of the latter, who worked with plastic and rubber. The result of this union is a revolutionary fin that includes a removable blade.

In 1096 they made Fenzy , an associate of the French Navy. This, together with its already well-known fame, makes the brand boom and become known worldwide, being a reference from the first moments.

List of the 8 best fins for spearfishing and diving

If you take a look at the number of options available in the market you can be overwhelmed. For this reason, we have made a very good sieve for you and we will tell you which are the 8 best fins that you will find today, each one being the best in its own, because, as you will see below, some differ greatly. other.

Aqualung Stratos 3

We start this top of the best fins with an option that, in addition to being light and durable, is affordable, so that the investment is made safely. The foot pocket includes a design that offers grip and stability.

The palette has an entire articulated body made of three different materials that make the piece very flexible. Its inflection point is delayed, so that a powerful recoil is achieved with minimal effort.

Atomic Aquatics Split

They are split fins designed to make jet diving a child’s play. They have a split blade that cuts through the water with minimal friction, which means not only less recoil but also creating a forward direction. They also feature vertical stabilizers and side channels. This means less effort and the achievement of high sustained speed, as well as power and comfort.

Cressi ReactionPro

They are adjustable fins with minimal weight and volume, ideal for trips to tropical paradises. Their fit is very comfortable and they have a high non-slip capacity.

Cressi Rondinella

They are very light and very comfortable, which is why they are often chosen for snorkeling as well as for introducing the little ones to the world of water sports.

Unlike the vast majority, they are not made with neoprene rubber but with thermo-rubber. From the inclusion of elements in its design we also highlight its lateral stabilizers.

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

As their name already promises us, they are pieces with four channels, which offers us an enviable power when it comes to driving us. Without having any other special addition (besides being quite pretty), they are light and swim very easily with them, which, after all, is what you are looking for.

Another very good low that they play with is their closure, some elastic straps that make removing and putting them on very simple. Their use is recreational but, in turn, they are very durable, much longer than usual for this purpose; that’s why they like it so much.

wave seas

Its blade is designed to flex, allowing the formation of a kind of jet that remains outside the fin and serves as propulsion.

They have a soft boot that prevents chafing, they are very light and have a small blade, so they are very suitable for snorkeling as well as for light diving, especially tropical diving.

Seas X Stream

This is a very light and comfortable buckle-adjustable fin with a blade designed to reduce turbulence, including a very flexible central superchannel capable of very effectively propelling the water through the blade that incorporates the fin, always in position. of minimal effort.

They perform well in all cases, which is why their target is very wide and they have gained well-deserved fame.

Scubapro Seawing Nova 2

They have a spectacular design, very careful, designed so that flapping requires minimal effort. Ideal both for professionals who need to perform at their best and for those who do not want or cannot exert themselves too much.

They have an articulated joint, which reduces friction due to the action of the pivot of the blade, which stores energy so that the fins literally push you.

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