Aquarium Fish: Information, Tips On How To Assemble And Keep Clean

If you are thinking about having an aquarium, learn about the care and the best species of aquarium fish! To breed aquarium fish you need to have an initial knowledge of:

aquarium fish
Aquarium Fish

  • Feeding behavior;
  • Dynamics of the chosen fish;
  • The ideal water temperature;
  • How to keep the water filtered;
  • Water pH index;
  • Aquarium cleaning;
  • Among other practices.

Before talking about aquarium fish, let’s talk about setting up an aquarium.

How to set up an aquarium at home

First, it is essential to think about where the aquarium will be. The aquarium location cannot receive direct sunlight. All water temperature control is done with a heater , as it is necessary to maintain a constant average temperature.

In addition to controlling the temperature, it is necessary to carry out a pH test of the water, as the pH must be between 7.1 and 7.8. And it’s not just that! You need a submersible pump to keep the oxygen in, an aquarium filter to keep the water clean.

Check out a list of basic items, in addition to what we have already mentioned, that you will need to set up an aquarium:

  • An aquarium suitable for the amount and species of aquarium fish you want to keep;
  • algaecide;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Clarifying agent;
  • Conditioner;
  • Dechlorinating agent;
  • Decoration items;
  • Breed for fish;
  • wire mesh;
  • Substrate.

To define the size of the aquarium you will need to know the size of the aquarium fish you want to keep. The rule is very simple, for every centimeter of fish, you will need 1 liter of water. If you have 10 two-inch fish, you will need an aquarium with about 20 liters of water.

After the aquarium size is defined, now it’s time to decorate the environment in which your aquarium fish will live. In addition to the substrate to cover the bottom, you must add plants that can be natural or not. Places for fish to hide like small rock caves.

By the way, never pour tap water directly into the aquarium. The water needs to be treated before being placed in the aquarium. Use the dechlorinator, in addition, do a pH test, to make the water ideal for your aquarium fish.

How to keep the environment clean for aquarium fish

If you want to keep your fish healthy, you need to do a thorough cleaning at least every 15 days. In addition to water care, it is important to sanitize all equipment used in the aquarium.

That way, when cleaning, change only 20% of the water. To remove waste and dirt, use a small sieve. Still about maintenance, you need to keep an eye on the care ideas for each species of fish.

For example, it is possible to have a saltwater fish tank. But care is greater, and it is necessary to have materials that are antioxidants.

The best aquarium fish species

First, if you are just starting out, it is important that you look for species of fish that are more resistant and easier to care for. Since you might make some mistakes at the beginning.

Another important point to be observed is the compatibility of the species. Some aquarium fish such as Asians do not get along well with African or American fish. In this way, the ideal is to avoid mixing the species too much initially, so you avoid fights between the fish.

If the chosen species is a fish that usually swims in schools, the ideal is to have other fish of the same species, otherwise the solitary fish can get sick and die.


The Betta is a great option for those just starting out in the hobby. He is not very demanding, therefore, consumes little feed, the aquarium does not need to be large and does not require the use of filters. He is also a fish that lives well alone, avoid putting another fish of the same species, he may end up getting into a fight.

By the way, Betta is an Asian fish, it originates from the rice fields of Tibet. So, when cleaning the aquarium, try to reproduce this environment, put rocks, algae and sand.


These fish are amazingly beautiful! They like to live in schools, they are peaceful, but if they feel threatened they can be territorial. This species prefers planted aquariums, planted aquariums use natural plants inside. In this way, it faithfully reproduces the environment in which fish live in nature.

The fish that are placed with them should be the same size, or they could be slightly larger. But, they must be calm fish that don’t bother them!

rainbow aquarium fish

The Rainbow fish has a perfect coloring, they are resistant, peaceful and especially very fast fish. Above all, they are calm and live very well with other species such as Butterflies, Danios, Labeos and Pictus Shark.

They often feed in mid-water, but also rise to the surface in search of food. They live in shoals and in well-lit environments.


The Corydoras also known as South American Catfish! Its maximum size does not exceed 6 cm. In addition, they are always looking for food at the bottom of the aquarium.

The Corydoras species is very rich, they have several different and very attractive fish. By the way, if the water doesn’t have enough oxygen, it’s not a problem for the Corydoras. Since they usually go to the surface to get oxygen.

In fact, this species of aquarium fish usually lives in schools, so it is essential to have several of this species in the aquarium.

Now that you know the main species and how to set up an aquarium, how about starting today to set up your aquarium?

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