Fly Fishing Rod Vs Spinning Rod

Today, out of necessity, I was again stalking trout with the spinning rod for ages, because on Friday I spontaneously adapted my rod to the conditions at the stream and shortened it by 10cm.

So I’m with a 1.80 spinning rod, 18 fluo carbon and 1er spinner to the creek. I relieved the treble by 2 points and the barb, unfortunately this blocked the hook quite a bit.

Today I got 30-40 misses on the spinner in about 4 hours and was able to land 10 trout up to 34cm.
I can only dream of such results when fly fishing…

I’m aware that I’m not necessarily the best fly fisherman and that you can’t do much wrong with a spinner, in contrast to fly fishing, but then of course I asked myself whether spin fishing isn’t much more effective than fly fishing.

In the end, after discussing to may people, I realized that,

fly fishing is certainly NOT the best way to outsmart a trout. Worms are also supposed to be great and you can use a net to empty the stream completely. If you have exhausted your catch limit It doesn’t matter, off to the car, fish in the trunk and hop further ahead, skull trout.

I don’t see a huge difference between a streamer and a spinner - unless the water is extremely cloudy.

Spin fishing is excellent in the spring - the later the year and lower the water the fly gains the upper hand. What is more successful always depends on the fisherman. There are people who fish better with a spinning rod, others who are more successful with a fly. It has to do with how they read the water and then fish.

If you proceed as you do (no barbs, no treble hooks, halfway reasonable bait size and appropriate attachment) then the fishing methods are not in any way inferior in terms of fairness to the hunt. Unfortunately, very few do it.

I would go less to the question of what is more successful but rather what you enjoy more. I don’t really think that fly fishing is less effective than spin fishing, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that fly fishermen often have more experience.