The Influence of the Moon on Fishing. Myth or Reality?

Does the Moon really affect our fishing days?

Although it may sound mysterious and transcendental, the truth is that there is an influence of the Moon on fishing . This means that, of course, repeating a fishing trip a week after the previous one can be much better, or much worse.

So that this does not happen to you, it is best to inform yourself about how the tides are affected and also the fish.

Does it affect the tides?

Of course . All celestial bodies affect our waters. Also the Sun or an asteroid that goes into orbit for a few days . However, it is our satellite that produces the most changes because it is simply closer to us.

Knowing this, we must also consider that the orbit of the satellite is a little longer than the one that occurs in the rotation of our planet. This means that both high and low tide will appear and disappear a few minutes later each day of the lunar cycle.

This means that what happens today on your fishing day at a certain time, tomorrow will happen a few minutes later. We talked, and I think it is clear, if there were identical situations, something that can never happen, but, come on, that’s where the shots go.


Does it affect the fish?

Indeed. The previous case could be more logical because, who more and who less, we have all studied the changes of the tides according to the disposition of our satellite. However, nothing is said about its influence on animals .

Being their body, like ours and like that of other animal species, on the part to a great extent, the natural balance of these is modified, as does their body mass. Needless to say, their behavior will also vary.

The greatest activity occurs when the satellite is in opposites, in the Full Moon and New Moon phases . They will be the moments when they move the most and, therefore, they look for more food.

Of course, the most obvious changes occur in the species that move near the coast , where the changes in the water caused by the Moon are most visible.

When the tides are stronger, the predator tends to approach mouths and coasts and to go deeper into rivers. When the Moon (and also the Sun) sets or rises the metabolism of the fish accelerates and they look for food .

Moon phases and how to benefit ourselves as fishermen

Now that you know that there really is an influence of the moon on fishing, it remains to know how it affects each of its phases, so that we can design our fishing day to perfection.


Phase 1: New Moon

The New Moon offers lively tides at the same time that the surroundings are completely dark. This makes it the most ideal time to go for timid photosensitive predators.

Lasts 4 days:

  • Day 1: Good catch during the day and really good catch at night.
  • Day 2: This offers you very good days during the day that improve in the hours of darkness.
  • Days 3 and 4: Both are perfect for practicing day or night.

Phase 2: Crescent or Visible Moon

The gravity of the satellite on the planet is less, so that the waters stabilize, considering the tides as neap. As is logical, it is the best panorama for those species that like both dark and calm waters.

It also occurs in four days:

  • Day 5: Still a perfect fishing day at any time.
  • Day 6: Worse to offer good days during the day and medium at night.
  • Day 7: We take another step towards bad fishing, with regular days and bad nights.
  • Day 8: This is downright bad at any hour.

Phase 3: First quarter

The gravity of the Moon affects a little more and the tides are in very unstable moments.

  • The two days that correspond to it will be very bad fishing , offering the best panorama during the sunny hours of the 9th.

Phase 4: Crescent Gibbous Moon

More of the same in this case, but with a tad more stability in the waters.

  • Day 11: It becomes bad at night and remains very bad during the day.
  • Day 12: It is still bad in the sun and improves to regular when it sets.

Phase 5: Full Moon or Full Moon

Despite the fact that the Full Moon as such is only found one night, this phase is the longest, including 8 days in it. In this case the tides are high and lively, the result of the greater gravitational presence of our satellite. This brings with it a greater activity of the marine mass. It is time to go for species of the bottoms , because the predators will not approach with so much light. You will do well to choose heavy leads and lures.

  • Day 13: Everything is regular.
  • Day 14: The day is regular and the night improves a little.
  • Day 15: It is good during the day and better at night.
  • Day 16: It is perfect at night and very good in the sun.
  • Day 17: It is perfect at any time.
  • Day 18: It offers very good days during the dark and perfect when the sun rises.
  • Day 19 : Good at night and great in day.
  • Day 20: Keeping good days that get worse when the sun goes down.

Phase 6: Waning Gibbous Moon

The arrival of the ebb of the drawing of the Moon in our skies causes the tides to be low and dead again, but there is, especially at the beginning, more light. It is not a good time for fishing, especially at night.

  • Day 21: It is regular for practice.
  • Day 22: Worse at night.

Phase 7: Last Quarter

Things get worse in this phase in which both days are bad with the sun and disastrous with the night.

Phase 8: Waning or Old Moon

At this point we have bad and very bad forecasts for the 4 days it occupies.

Stage 9: Black Moon

During the last phase the panorama begins to improve, having two regular days and two good ones.

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