How To Preserve Your Fishing Equipments

If you want to be a good fisherman, you need to know how to take care of your equipment. It happens that the instruments used in fishing need special care to maintain their useful life, in addition to having a correct way of storing their rods, baits and reels.

How To Preserve Your Fishing Equipments
How To Preserve Your Fishing Equipments

That’s why we decided to make this list containing tips on how to preserve your fishing equipment:

1. Use protectors for fishing rods.

As with all equipment, rods are sensitive and can easily break in transport or being knocked over. Using a protector will provide extra coverage that will protect the rods like a cushion in case it hits somewhere, as well as prevent the lines from getting tangled up.

2. Use reel and reel protectors

Reels and reels are also subject to bumps, dirt and scratches. So make sure you buy good protectors for them to preserve their structure and functionality.

3. Fishing Line Renewer and Protector

As with any equipment, lines can suffer from changes in temperature, water ph and several other factors that weaken and age them. Therefore, always use one per renovator and protector in your lines, it will extend its useful life, in addition to providing high performance in casts, preventing the line from digging and forming.

4. Soft Bait Renewer and Protector

Just like lines, your artificial baits can also get damaged over time. To preserve them and extend their durability, don’t forget to buy a good Renewer and Protector for artificial baits.

5. Remove all hooks and lures after fishing.

Remove hooks after fishing, as they can touch other equipment and end up scratching or tangling the lines. In addition to causing an accident if someone unsuspecting passes and touches them, which can cause serious injuries. So save yourself the trouble and remove it after every fishing trip.

6. Wash equipment

After your fishing is over, wash your equipment well, be they reels, reels, rods and artificial baits with fresh water to remove all residues present. After that, it is recommended to apply a lubricant to the equipment.

7. Store your fishing gear properly.

After cleaning, store the baits after drying correctly in bait boxes separating them to make it easier for the next fishing and store your rods correctly in a specific rod holder, as they cannot be bent or touching each other, as they can easily get damaged.

Now you already know all the precautions to increase the useful life of your equipment in addition to discovering the right way to store them. After all, an amazing day of fishing always starts with the right fishing gear for the job!

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