9 Tips On How To Fish With Your Kids

Fishing with kids is a great outdoor activity for the family. To make the experience fun, safe, and pressure-free, consider these 9 steps.

9 Tips On How To Fish With Your Kids
9 Tips On How To Fish With Your Kids

1. Explore locations

Fishing means catching fish. Whether you plan to fish from a boat, off the coast or from a pier, explore the places where fish are plentiful.

Your local hardware store is a great place to get help. If possible, bring the kids when you visit the store. Have them watch as you ask for tips on where to go, productive bait for the area, and information on fishing regulations and permits.

2. Get Ready

Organizing equipment in advance minimizes stress.

Check while packing that everything is correct, such as:

  • fishing equipments
  • snacks
  • drinks
  • Water
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • rain jackets
  • hat
  • First aid kit
  • sunglasses.

3. Safe Fishing

Safety must come first. Life jackets, while uncomfortable at times, are a must for children near water. So if you want to take them fishing by boat, remember to buy a vest.

Also, hooks have splinters that can easily injure a child, so they should only be handled by adults.

4. Talk Boys and girls are naturally curious, so explain how a float and hook work and move when a fish bites. If casting jigs, pull the line while the child holds the rod to simulate a hook. Demonstrate how to hit the hook, emphasizing that, like any skill, it takes time to learn.

5. Get a grip

Teach children to hold the handle of the rod by holding it in front of them at the 9-11 o’clock position. Explain how the spool handle turns and how to react to a bite.

Also, consider the possibility of buying a Tape to protect your children’s fingers

6. Ways to succeed

Success can stem from the simplicity of an artificial lure on a lightweight rod. Purchase a quality spinning or spin-cast combination between 36" to 5 and wind the bobbin with 6 pound monofilament line .

7. Use artificial baits Soft worm and minnow baits are durable and won’t spoil. Jigs and Jumping Jigs are excellent as they open doors for fishing for various fish, such as Hake, Corvinas, Horse mackerel, Roosters, Sargos, Sororocas, Reds, as well as Peacock bass A jig hanging under a small float and occasionally twitching is an effective tactic for youngsters

8. Launch and wait

Learning to fish takes patience. Teach children to play fish slowly and steadily, stopping when the fish is on the surface of the water. Encourage children to fish independently quickly or to ask for help.

Once the catch is out of the water and admired with safe shots, demonstrate proper release methods. If it’s fish for dinner, explain selective harvesting.

9. Have fun Fishing should always be fun. Keep this goal in mind and no matter how many fish you catch, every trip will be a success.

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