6 Night Fishing Tips You Need To Know Right Now

Fishing is an excellent leisure activity — but that doesn’t mean it should be seen as a casual endeavor. When you are in daylight everything is simpler, but when it gets dark the vision is no longer the same, attention to the animals requires extra care and movement demands caution.

6 Night Fishing Tips You Need To Know Right Now
6 Night Fishing Tips You Need To Know Right Now

Those who enjoy night fishing argue that this is the time when the fish are most vulnerable, while some species take advantage of the darkness of the night to hunt and others are calmer due to the lack of light.

But, how to go about fishing them? To help, we’ve separated 6 special tips you need to know! Follow up!

1 – Put a sound clip on the stick

It is easy to find in specialized stores a clip with two little bells attached, similar to those on a feline collar.

In short, it’s a bell for a rod and it makes a noise every time a fish takes the bait , facilitating the fisherman’s sensitivity and giving an alert every time it is necessary to pull the rod.

However, it is possible to improvise. Using some other type of “bell”, using some other bell and a preacher will also work without any problems!

2 – Don’t forget about safety

One of the main variables that must be observed is the safety of the fishing site, so that people are not completely unprotected and vulnerable. To do so, invite a group of friends (for example, about 10 people), to have more peace of mind.

Still, different situations can happen, such as bad weather, a trawler, geographical disorientation, in short. That’s why it’s important that everyone has their cell phones well charged and that they have kept their family members informed about the place they went to.

3 – Protect yourself from insects

Although sunscreen can be dispensed at night, repellent is essential. But, not only that, light pants and a long shirt help a lot in protecting against the inclement mosquitoes and the “borrachudos” of the late afternoon.

4 – Don’t forget the lighting

Even though the lamp and the stove can be used to light the equipment, headlamps with LED lamps are being widely used because they provide excellent luminosity and economy.

Some cost around R$25 and remain lit for up to 120 hours. Batteries are cheap, typically AAA type.

5 – Use suitable bags

It is important that the fisherman transports the equipment in closed and/or waterproof bags.

Electronics such as cell phones and cameras must be in waterproof backpacks, while other items must be protected and taken care of so that their compartments are only opened at the fishing location, preventing objects from falling that will surely be lost.

6 – Use adhesive tape

In addition to lights, fluorescent adhesive tapes can be of great help! You can apply them to all your belongings and also to the vessel.

On the fishing rod, apply from half to the tip to see it without great difficulties. But, whenever possible, use headlamps to illuminate when baiting the hook or even monitor the movement of the rod.