4 Beach Fishing Tips For Beginners

Brazil is a country surrounded by beautiful beaches, many of them full of fish of all kinds, such as the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia, Espírito Santo among others.

4 Beach Fishing Tips For Beginners
4 Beach Fishing Tips For Beginners

However, many people are a little afraid to think about fishing on the beach and end up not knowing how and what they need to start fishing in these places that, in addition to being beautiful, provide great fishing.

So if you want to learn how to fish on the beach but don’t know where to start, here are some effective tips for beginners.

1. Look for calmer waters

Beach fishing can be challenging because many areas have very rough waters and end up not attracting fish. What you need to look for is darker and deeper water, or a place where the waves are weaker, as these are the ones that have the largest number of fish in addition to facilitating their capture.

2. Choosing your fishing rod

Beach fishing has differences from river fishing, as saltwater fish are usually bigger and stronger, needing a stronger rod to catch them.

With this in mind, the fishing market has developed specific rods for this sport, with reinforced rods, ideal for robust fish in the sea. They need to be at least 3 to 4 meters long to catch fish further away from the sand.

3. Choosing equipment

As well as rods, there are reels specifically for saltwater fishing.

They are resistant to the sea air and have a mechanical protection inside their structure that prevents the entry of water and other particles, consequently eliminating the friction between the pieces.
Also, pay attention to the number of bearings that the reels have, because fishing on the beach requires 3 bearings, and a good capacity for the line

4. Choosing the right bait

The baits will depend on the fish you want to catch, but remember that, like rods and reels, artificial baits also need to be saltwater resistant.

  • Jumping jigs: this bait is used a lot because it can be used both in fresh water and in salt water to catch bass, anchovies, olhete

  • Jumping Jig NS Dunn: this bait perfectly mimics fish for predators, making it possible to fish for Anchovies , Eyelets, Olhos de Boi, Xáreus among others

  • Dojô baits: perfect for fishing for saltwater predators

But artificial baits are not the only options, you can also use natural baits, such as:

  • Sardines: they are excellent for fishing as well, in addition to cost-effectiveness
  • Shrimp: common food for saltwater fish
  • Squid: also a food highly consumed by beach fish

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