10 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods (Expert's Opinion)

While lures, hooks, bobbers, and other fishing gear can safely fit in a compact tackle box, the same cannot be said for traditional fishing rods. Carrying an 11 foot fly fishing rod or a 15 foot surf fishing rod is always a challenge. One solution to this common angling challenge is a folding piece of equipment known as a telescopic fishing rod, which uses tight segments (called “blanks”) rather than a continuous piece of bamboo, fiberglass, or fiberglass. carbon or graphite.

The main advantage of a telescopic fishing rod is portability. Many anglers prefer to carry multiple fishing rods to suit the size of their target fish. But carrying a few traditional fishing rods is impractical, which is why many anglers bring telescopic rods as spare parts or secondary lines. Telescopic rods are also popular because you can go on a hike to a fishing spot without worrying about damaging an expensive high-action fishing rod.

Telescopic fishing rods were introduced as fishing gear for kids’ essentially toy plastic versions. As its popularity grew, various manufacturers began to produce high-end models using the same quality materials as traditional fishing rods. Don’t miss another chance to get the next big thing - read on for tips on this product!

 Telescopic Fishing Rods 

Key considerations


Like traditional one-piece fishing rods, telescopic rods are rated according to total power (or “weight”). This is the estimated rod force during use, and is largely determined by the first blank that passes through the reel seat. This classification can be indicated in tonnage, or in a scale that goes from “ultralight” to “heavy”. Anglers planning to catch smaller fish in lakes or streams often need a telescopic rod with less power than those planning to cast on the beach or deep salt water fishing.


Another important consideration along with power is the action of the fishing rod, sometimes called its flex rate. The action of a fishing rod is the speed at which it returns to its original position after a fish has been hooked. Telescopic fishing rods generally have a slow to moderate action, especially when compared to a traditional “fast action” carbon fiber rod. Occasional anglers may not tell the difference between a slow, moderate, and fast action fishing rod, but the speed of the rod can determine how quickly a hook can be cast after a heavy bite.


The main advantage a telescopic fishing rod has over traditional one-piece models is portability, so it is important to consider the length of the rod when collapsing. The best telescopic rods collapse to a length of one or two feet, making them easy to store and transport.


Parts of a telescopic fishing rod

  • Targets: Each segment of a telescopic fishing rod is known as a “blank”. The total number of blanks may vary from model to model. As each segment of the reed is extended, the conical blanks form a close bond with each other. There is normally no locking mechanism to hold blanks in position, just friction.

  • Handle: The handle of a telescopic rod should be made of a lightweight material such as cork or EVA foam. Some handles also hold small gear such as sinkers, hooks, and lures. The handle should be long enough so that adult users can hold the rod safely while working the reel.

  • Line guides: Line guides are the grommets that are placed along the rod and through which the line passes. These guides are usually made of rust resistant metal that has been machined to be smooth. In addition to the smooth metal grommets, many manufacturers also include special inserts made of ceramic or stainless steel to further reduce friction on the line. There should be at least one line guide for every blank.

  • Reel Seat: The reel seat holds various types of fishing reels securely to the fishing rod. It is often made of a corrosion resistant metal such as stainless steel or aluminum. Unfortunately, there is no standard size for the reel seat, so certain reels may not fit all telescopic rod models.

Construction materials

The first telescopic fishing rods were marketed as children’s toys, not high-quality fishing gear. They were typically constructed of cheap plastic and metal and paired with a very basic spool. Very few survived the wear and tear of actual fishing trips.

However, modern telescopic reels are constructed from the same materials that are used to produce traditional fishing rods. Some models use the same material throughout, while others combine two or more ingredients to enhance performance. The most common materials used in the construction of telescopic rods today are:

  • Graphite: Graphite is a form of carbon that is used in many high-end traditional sport fishing rods. It is extremely light, but very strong and flexible. Traditional rods made with graphite are typically classified as extra light in power and fast in action. However, it is not easy to find telescopic rods made entirely of graphite.

  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber is another form of carbon that is much more commonly used by manufacturers to produce telescopic fishing rods. It is not as light as graphite, but has the same inherent tensile strength and flexibility. Its action is often rated moderate to fast, and its power is suitable for catching small and medium-sized fish. It is also resistant to salt water and oxidation.

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass has been used to make traditional fishing rods for decades, mainly because it is quite light, flexible, and resistant to corrosion. However, it is primarily used on entry-level to mid-level telescopic rods due to its slow action and heavy weight. Some manufacturers mix carbon fiber and fiberglass to create a lightweight rod with greater stability.

  • Stainless Steel: Certain parts of a telescopic fishing rod benefit from the use of stainless steel, especially the line guides and the reel seat. Stainless steel is not a popular component of blanks per se, as it is not inherently flexible.

Telescopic Fishing Rod Prices

Although many entry-level and mid-level telescopic fishing rods are usually accompanied by a basic reel in a set, we recommend purchasing a telescopic rod on its own and adding a better quality reel that will fit securely on the reel seat. Here’s what to expect at different price points:

It’s cheap: Telescopic fishing rods under $ 25 are typically constructed of aluminum or fiberglass, although some models may also contain carbon fiber. The extended length can be limited to about 5-6 feet, which would put some limitations on the size of the target fish and the type of fishing. However, this is a good place to start for younger anglers.

Mid-range: For most amateur anglers, $ 25 to $ 75 is the best price for traditional or telescopic fishing rods. Fiberglass is still a common component, but there will be carbon fiber hybrids on the shelves. Blanks should have stainless steel guides, along with smooth metal or ceramic inserts. The extended length and rating of the action should be sufficient to pursue all types of fishing, from shore to beach to deep salt water excursions.

Expensive: Carbon fiber or graphite are the preferred materials for high-end rods that cost $ 75 or more, although shoppers may have some difficulty finding an all-graphite model on store shelves. Major fishing gear manufacturers remain somewhat reluctant to enter the telescopic fishing rod market, mainly due to the limitations of action and power that segmented rods inherently possess. Many telescopic rods at this price are designed for deep water excursions, not occasional freshwater fishing trips.


  • Always collapse a telescopic fishing rod before putting it away. Individual blanks can be easily damaged if left in their extended positions.

  • Most telescopic rods use friction to hold each segment in place. Avoid applying lubricants or spray oils to avoid accidental collapse.

  • Consider the size of the target fish when selecting a telescopic rod. A lighter rod can break under the weight of a heavier fish.

  • The length of the pole can affect the distance and accuracy of a throw. Adjust the telescopic rod up or down to find the ideal length.

Top 10 Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews

  1. Sougayilang Black Hawk Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

  2. PLUSINNO telescopic fishing rod

  3. Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

  4. Spinning rod and PLUSINNO Spin Spin reel

  5. Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Combination Telescopic Pole

  6. Goture SWORD series telescopic fishing rod

  7. Goture Carbon Fiber Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

  8. Pocket Fishing Rod Metal Reel Seat Super Hard Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

  9. Eagle-Claw Pack-It telescopic swivel rod

  10. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Spinning Rod and Reel

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod - Buyer’s Guide

Below I mentioned some of the best telescopic fishing rods that not only fit in your pocket and have to say to your vehicle as well, It will make your fishing trip memorable, fun, and better. After going through the fishing rods listed below, you will be in a good position to be able to make the right and perfect decision to purchase the perfect telescopic rod.

Top 10 Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews

1. Sougayilang Black Hawk Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

I love the fishing rod that folds easily and always fits in your car or even better in your backpack, which is why the Sougayilang Black Hawk Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod is the best fishing rod for you. It has some of the fantastic features in terms of durability, functionality and power that will make your fishing trip fantastic and fun. Travel to your favorite fishing spot with this lightweight rod and enjoy fishing. Let me explain more about this fantastic product.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • They have CNC machined aluminum reel seat components.

  • They consist of 24 ton high density carbon fiber and E glass composite.

  • Three-point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts.

  • Lightweight and easily transportable.

  • Can be worn with braided and mono lines.

  • Various sizes and lengths are available, as shown in the table below.


  • Full collapse in inches, so good for easy storage and travel.
  • Made from corrosion resistant CNC machined aluminum.
  • Plastic cap to protect the guide rings on the post.
  • It also comes with a bag for protection of the fishing rod.
  • For freshwater bass trout fishing, inshore fishing and saltwater fishing various sizes and lengths are available.
  • It is light and perfectly balanced, which makes it less fatigued.
  • Its lightness facilitates its insertion in the trunk, the hatch of the boat and even the backpack.


  • Lightweight, therefore, easily transportable.

  • It comes with a bag for protection and ease of transport.

  • Simple and elegant design, but resistant.

  • Found very suitable for a spinning reel.

  • It is resistant in carbon fiber and aluminum, which increases its durability and makes it resistant.

  • It can be used in both fresh and salt water.

  • It can be used in a fishing boat, surf fishing, reef fishing and inshore fishing.

  • The streamlined body increases the chance of catching strong and aggressive fish.


  • Since it is available in many sizes, meaning the weight is not constant, the larger fishing rod can be heavier and more difficult to use and carry.

2. PLUSINNO telescopic fishing rod

Everyone loves creativity and creative things as they are loaded with more and more features to suit you in every situation and meet all your needs and satisfy you. When it comes to creativity, the PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod is the first name every angler should think of. PLUSINNO is not only easier to use but also smarter to own. It has been voted the best telescopic fishing rod by its buyers based on the price and features it has. In addition, the development team of this company takes feedback from its customers and their experience to improve the product based on design and functionality. It is always the first choice for saltwater fishing.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • The retractable design makes it compact, making it easy to fold, store, and transport anywhere with ease.

  • It is made of high elasticity and high density carbon fiber.

  • Plastic body with high tensile strength.

  • Low weight simplifies handling and operation.

  • Equipped with a stainless steel framed carbon monoxide wire guide.

  • S-oscillation system for very good line winding.

  • Soft and comfortable handle in EVA material.

  • Double color deep aluminum spool.

  • Thick coil spring bail.

  • Various sizes and lengths are available, as shown in the table below.


  • It can bear great pulling force.

  • Smoother and more balanced operation is possible between the caster wheel and the guide ring.

  • Carbon fiber rod combined with fiberglass.

  • The EVA material handle makes it non-slip and absorbs sweat.

  • Stainless steel hooded reel seats make it corrosion resistant.

  • Fishing rod perfect for saltwater fishing.

  • The short length design makes it more convenient to carry in a travel bag.

  • Made with high density and reliable flexibility.


  • Strong and resistant fishing rod.

  • Hassle-free portability.

  • Easy to store and transport anywhere.

  • Suitable for left and right handed users, as it has interchangeable handles.


  • It is best suited for fishing for bigger and heavier fish.

  • The fishing rod is not very sensitive.

  • The bar is very stiff and doesn’t bend much.

3. Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find what we are looking for impatiently, and often if it is not found in accordance with our desire, it makes us disinterested. Well, finding a telescopic fishing rod with all the basic features is not as difficult as the Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is always there. It comes with all the basic features you need in a fishing rod that you won’t regret buying. Take a look at some of the details mentioned below that will make you buy this portable fishing rod without a second thought. It is an excellent product for those who love to fish a lot and are very enthusiastic.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • The fishing rod is made of high quality carbon fiber which makes it strong and durable.

  • It has good elasticity and great capacity.

  • The spinning reel has a machine cut folding handle.

  • Comes with fully adjustable metal screw spool.

  • It weighs around 0.12-0.35 kg.

  • There is an aluminum coil with heavy duty gears.

  • Excellent line oscillation system.

  • The ultra slim body with a slim design makes it easily transportable.

  • When closed, the rollers are very compact.

  • Various sizes and lengths are available, as shown in the table below.


  • It comes with a plastic cap that helps keep the guide rings in place and protected.

  • The stainless steel capped coil is resistant to corrosion from seawater.

  • The length of the fishing rod is adjustable, which makes it more comfortable for most places.

  • EVA front handle for ease and comfort.

  • The spinning reels are interchangeable, making it suitable for left-handed and right-handed anglers fishing.

  • Adjustable casting control as the bar is strong and flexible.

  • Easily fits in the trunk of the car, hatch or even backpack.


  • Suitable for fishing from the coast, cliffs and rocks.

  • Comes with a rod protection bag.

  • The EVA front handle ensures a comfortable grip.


  • Fishing reel not included.

4. Spinning rod and PLUSINNO Spin Spin reel

As an angler, you don’t expect me to hit a big fish, but once it happens, you need to have a good team to win the battle, as your skills alone will not be enough to win you. High quality fishing rods and reels are very important factors in fishing. When it comes to quality and performance, the only name derived from it is PLUSINNO Spin Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. It comes with all the necessary fishing gear and you don’t need to buy anything extra for it. Let’s take a look at some of its distinctive features that make it different from others on the market.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • Perfect elasticity and high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass.

  • The stainless steel canopy seats are seawater anti-corrosion.

  • Portable rod and short length design.

  • Equipped with a heavy duty gear motor.

  • Large line capacity.

  • Instant anti-kickback, offers enough stability when fishing.

  • It comes with a single row aluminum spool with a dual color hole.

  • Equipped with a gear motor that controls the power and speed of the rotating bar.

  • Interchangeable left and right handles make operation more comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed anglers.

  • Lightweight and compact design.

  • Equipped with an anti-inversion handle.

  • Works with the S-curve oscillation system

  • It measures approximately 18 inches when the post has collapsed.

  • Greater elasticity, toughness and durability.


  • It comes with all the necessary accessories for fishing, you don’t need to buy anything separately.

  • EVA handle for ease and comfort and sweat-free handle.

  • The smallest parts are made of soft plastic and stainless steel which make it sturdy.

  • Easy to fold and expand.

  • Its drive equipment helps increase overall force when catching large and annoying fish.


  • Made especially for novice anglers.

  • Small storage area at the bottom.

  • Suitable for use in fresh and salt water.

  • Very resistant material and incapable of rusting.


  • The fishing rod holder is not included.

  • It cannot bear excessive weight, therefore it is not possible to catch large fish.

  • Auction portability is not that easy.

5. Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Combination Telescopic Pole

Are you a person who loves spontaneous fishing and you are always looking for a strong, compact, light but comfortable fishing rod? Then this is the perfect option for you. Designed for backpackers and travelers, the Eagle Claw pack-it spin telescopic rod is designed with the needs of these enthusiastic anglers in mind. Keep it in the back of the trunk or attach it to the back of your motorcycle, it is clean, light and helps you save space. Advanced fiberglass construction makes it the sturdiest fishing rod you can find. This telescopic rod is the one you can use to capture your best set.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • One-piece rod constructed of graphite.

  • Combined rotating spool.

  • Fiberglass rod for strength and durability.

  • Strong and lightweight reel seat.

  • Lightweight aluminum spool.

  • Equipped with a medium action tip that makes it suitable for crank baits, buzzer baits and spinners.

  • The fishing rod is tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions.

  • EVA foam handles for easy, sweat-free grip.


  • Foldable design offers easy portability.

  • Mono-filament line included.

  • Quick folding handle.

  • When it collapses, it can be easily carried in your hand.

  • The sturdy glass makes the rod more suitable for the trail and the trunk.


  • Variable recovery from left to right.

  • The rubber knobs and metal handles make it more comfortable to work.

  • Very adjustable thanks to the micro fine resistance.


  • Hook and tip protection missing.

  • The handle is small, making it difficult to handle and work.

  • Available in one color, namely yellow, which many anglers may find inappropriate.

6. Goture SWORD series telescopic fishing rod

Are you an avid fisherman always looking for a fishing rod with sturdy construction and elaborate design? Then the Goture SWORD Series Telescopic Rod is your perfect buy. Made with the 24 ton high density carbon fiber, it will help you maintain the perfect angle. The compact design will help you launch over a distance of 100 meters without problems. Sturdy and lightweight design, you can easily carry it with you. Whether it’s a small fish or a large fish, the rod’s sensitivity to the slightest vibration will ensure you don’t get lost.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • It is made from 24 tons of high-density carbon fiber.
  • It is composed of an E-glass compound that provides greater power and sensitivity.
  • Light
  • EVA handle.
  • Anodized forged aluminum double spool.
  • Robust graphite frame and rotor.
  • Stainless steel guides with ceramic rings.
  • 6 bearing system.
  • Brass gear and pinion.
  • The reel seat is made of corrosion resistant CNC machined aluminum.
  • Corrosion resistant rod.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Available in the dimensions indicated below.


  • Easily fits in the trunk or backpack.
  • High-density carbon fiber and E-glass provide great power and help maintain a perfect balance.
  • Stainless steel guides with ceramic rings glide smoothly.
  • The warranty is 1 year.
  • The anti-corrosion material ensures that the rod is not damaged even in the most unfavorable conditions.


  • Perfect option for traveling fishermen.
  • A hard plastic packing box is provided that can be easily added to luggage.
  • It can carry a weight of up to 10 kilos.
  • It can be used efficiently in salt and fresh water without obstacles.


  • When trying to compress it, if an unrequited force is applied to the post, it tends to break.

7. Goture Carbon Fiber Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

Passionate about fishing and tired of all the fishing rods that break when you try to put them in your trunk. Worry no more, the Goture Carbon Fiber Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod will ensure your fishing is successful. The solid design that combines carbon fiber technology more efficiently makes it an investment not to be missed at any time. Don’t forget that the guide rings are specially equipped with resin adhesive to make sure they stay in place. Whether it is marine or freshwater fishing, it will be your perfect companion.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • The construction of the fishing rod is light and strong.
  • Durable guides offer smooth, reliable performance.
  • Made of carbon fiber, the shaft is durable and will not break under any pressure.
  • The handle of the bar is designed to distribute the weight equally.
  • The rings do not have any additional weight on the rod, as they are made of ceramic material.
  • The resin adhesive secures the ring in place without altering the performance of the rod.


  • The durable carbon fiber design makes it a durable option, as well as being compact at the same time.
  • It can be easily used in both fresh and salt water.


  • Protective cover is also provided.
  • It is very convenient to use and easy to handle.
  • The guides are very smooth and do not cause unwanted friction.
  • It looks classy and elegant.
  • It easily adapts to any space.


  • There is no fishing reel.
  • You cannot trust him if you are planning a heavy fish.

8. Metal reel seat with pocket fishing rod.

Telescopic fishing rods are a bonus for people who love fishing but are constantly on the go. Although its ability to be compact is the best advantage, most of the time it is not considered the most reliable source when necessary. If you are facing one of these problems, the Yongzhi Super Rigid Telescopic Metal Fishing Rod is your ultimate solution. Strong and sturdy are the best words to describe this fishing rod. Designed to lift even a fish weighing up to 8 euros, this is a reliable fishing rod.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • The telescopic pole is very easy to store and transport.
  • Available in 5 different sizes to meet your specific needs.
  • The compact pole extends up to 7 feet 8 inches and is only one foot long when retracted.
  • The weight of the bar is very light.
  • Compatible with salt and fresh water.
  • The fishing rod is anti-corrosion, which makes it sturdy and reliable.


  • The post is very easy to extend and retracts very easily without creating any gross friction.
  • The carbon and metal pole has great flexibility and durability.
  • The bracket is adjustable and allows you to fit any reel of different sizes.
  • Once extended, the bar locks quickly and does not slide down.
  • Metal rather than plastic rings are provided to lock the coil.


  • A hood is provided to cover the rings when not in use and a fabric cover for storage.
  • The construction is of good quality.
  • The size and weight of the rod are very convenient for those who like to carry a fishing rod during an impromptu fishing trip.
  • Even the coil is not heavy, which makes it easy to handle during use.


  • Guide diameter is small for spinning reels.
  • Sections collapse easily so it may not be convenient if pulled hard as they can cause breakage.

9. Eagle-Claw Pack-It telescopic swivel rod

The eagle’s leg fishery is known for producing efficient yet durable seafood for the past 90 years. The talon eagle’s telescopic rod is another beauty created by them.

Add it to your backpack or just keep it under the car seat, this telescopic swivel rod will be a part of all your adventures and spontaneous trips. The lightweight aluminum coil makes it easier to use and more comfortable. Whether it’s bass or freshwater fishing, you will never be disappointed. Also, the reel handle can be moved from both sides, so even left-handed people can use it easily.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • Durable glass construction.
  • Lightweight graphite reel with quick folding handle.
  • Medium action rod.
  • Eva foam handle.


  • Perfect for the trail, the trunk, or the turbocharger.
  • It is a strong and durable option at an affordable price.
  • EVA foam handle helps you achieve a firm grip.
  • When closed, it measures only 17 inches, making it easy to transport.


  • The rod is strong and durable compared to most conventional fishing rods.
  • It is already pre-loaded with a line that makes it easier and more convenient to use.
  • Compact in size, it is very easy to store and transport on the go.
  • Versatile in the wild when it comes to switching between trout and trout.
  • Convenient.


  • The coil, if not handled properly, appears to stop.
  • Many times the coil cannot handle heavy weight, causing the rod to break when not handled properly.

10. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Spinning Rod and Reel

Tired of fiddling with all your fishing accessories and thinking of buying a compact fishing kit that easily accommodates your telescopic rods along bait, hooks, line, and additional requirements? The solution to this problem is nothing more than a fishing kit. The Plusinno Rod and Reel Combo Complete Kit has the best telescopic fishing rod that has a robust and efficient design. Do not forget the fact that the kit is designed in such a way that all equipment is easily accessible and systematically managed without wasting space.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

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  • Perfect elasticity.
  • High density carbon fiber combined with fiberglass.
  • Hooded reel seat in stainless steel.
  • Anti-sea water corrosion.
  • Portable fishing rod.
  • Sensitive graphite white construction.
  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts with fishing rod.
  • Power equipment for maximum resistance.
  • Double color deep aluminum spool.
  • S-oscillation system for very good line winding.
  • Different lengths to choose from.


  • High-density carbon fiber combined with fiberglass makes the fishing rod tough and strong.
  • Interchangeable handles for left and right anglers.
  • EVA front handle for maximum comfort.
  • Plastic body with high tensile strength.
  • Instant anti-investment coils.
  • Medium power
  • It comes with extended handles.
  • The short length design makes it comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for boat fishing and sea fishing.
  • Thick coil spring bail.


  • Made primarily for inexperienced users.
  • The kit contains fishing rod, fishing reel, hooks, fishing line, fishing bag case, making it the most comfortable telescopic fishing rod for anyone looking for a complete package.
  • The carbon fiber together with the fiberglass ensures the durability of the fishing rod.
  • The coil is made of stainless steel and is anti-corrosion from seawater.
  • The EVA front handle offers the best comfort and a severe grip.
  • The spinning wire has the perfect elasticity which makes it the best choice.
  • The company offers a 12-month warranty.


  • The handle extension falls apart.

  • Bait and hooks are not included in the kit.

  • The rod cannot be fully closed after use.

Alternatives to a telescopic rod

My main recommendation is that you get your telescopic fishing rod as soon as possible , if at the moment your economic situation is not the best to buy one, I can give you an idea: you can cut a bamboo or wild rod (as is also know) of about 3 m in length, you let it dry in the sun for a week, so that it loses weight and has greater comfort, this rod will not be telescopic, but at least you can use it for cork fishing and enjoy all the advantages that I mentioned a while ago.

Shopping guide

Choosing the best rod for each fishery can be tricky. Knowing this, we have prepared this buying guide that gives complete explanations about the telescopic rods!

What is a telescopic fishing rod?

Most contemporary rods work through a reel or reel. These devices are responsible for controlling the line, a very important part of the mechanism that makes fishing work.

A telescopic rod, in turn, is longer and in most cases does not offer support for a reel or reel (the exception is in models with dowels). The line must be attached to it in other ways (knots at the end, for example). It is equipment that is more like the old way of fishing.

Although it seems archaic at first, the telescopic pole is still very useful today. One of its differentials is the separation into sections, which makes it easily foldable and easy to transport. It is the best choice for certain types of fishing and fishing.

Did you know that fishing rods underwent a great evolution during the English Civil War in the 17th century.

What are the advantages of a telescopic fishing rod?

The main advantage of a telescopic pole is its ease of transport. It fits in a car with ease, unlike other types that are less malleable and can hardly be carried from one place to another without great support.

Therefore, it is more convenient to have a telescopic pole if you do not have a specific place to leave your equipment, such as a boat or a reserved space in a marina.

The act of fishing with a telescopic rod is easier, as there is no need to operate the line by reel or reel. For beginners, it may be the ideal option.

But the most important thing is to mention that the telescopic rod is recommended for specific types of fishing. It is very good for canyons and quite efficient in the sea, but it does not work as well in river activities.

Each fishing rod can be useful depending on the fishing to be carried out. Therefore, you should always know what your need is before choosing the model!

See the advantages and disadvantages of a telescopic pole in the table below:


  • Easier to transport
  • Lightweight and easy to use when fishing.
  • Ideal for certain types of fishing.
  • Perfect for small fish.


  • Beginners may struggle with pre-fishing activities, such as tying the line
  • It is not suitable for certain types of fisheries.

For what types of fishing is the telescopic rod suitable?

After repeating so much that each rod is indicated for certain types of fishing, it is time to answer: So, in which situations is it the most suitable telescope?

Telescopic rods are perfect for canyoning fishing.

Due to its large size and lightness, it is perfect for canyoning (when it is at a point much higher than the water). It is common to find this modality in fishing grounds or in certain points of rivers.

At sea, it is also common to use telescopic rods. They are good for being able to get past the point of breaking the waves and being thin enough to guarantee the flexibility of the course. They work very well on offshore fishing rigs.

Small and delicate fish are the ones that most demand the use of telescopic rods. Species such as lambaris, tilapia, and red mullet can be caught more easily when using this equipment.

On the other hand, avoid the telescopic rod for river fishing.

What are the best materials for a telescopic fishing rod?

In order for your rod to resist for a long time and to facilitate your work while fishing, it must be made of high-quality material.

When it comes to telescopic pole models, you can choose between carbon fiber, fiberglass, composite and bamboo. Each of these materials has its advantages.

Carbon fiber is very light, which is great for certain types of fishing, but it is also brittle. It is suitable for small fish, such as lambaris. The opposite is true with fiberglass, which is heavy but very durable.

“Composite” is what the mixture of carbon and glass fibers is called. These bars have at least 20% of each of the two materials. The ideal would be to achieve an equal balance, taking advantage of the best of both options.

More rustic, bamboo has a very unique style that allows differentiated throws. It requires more skill with the stick, but can provide a unique experience.

Telescopic fishing rod with long or short section?

We mention the ease of transportation as one of the great advantages of telescopic poles. This is related to the fact that they are divided into folding sections, which can be long or short.

Long section telescopic rods are more difficult to bend and do not offer as much portability. However, the tip is also larger, making it easier to catch larger fish.

If transportation is your main concern, choose the short section. In this way, the bar can be greatly reduced. Even better if the priority is to catch small fish!

How much does it cost and where to buy a telescopic fishing rod?

There can be a large variation in the price of telescopic rods. Length, material and finish are some of the factors responsible for this. It ranges from $25 to max.

To buy a telescopic pole, you can go to a store specializing in fishing, camping, or sporting goods or buy online is also a great idea. You can check more details above because we have shared the buying links of amazon as well.

Q: How does it shrink so small?

Telescopic rods work much like what you would expect. They are made up of several sections of rod, called blanks. The section of the rod that is closest to the handle will have the thickest diameter.

Moving out towards the end of the rod, the blanks begin to decrease in size, each section being slightly thinner than the next. This size discrepancy allows the blanks to collapse into themselves when a compact-sized, scrolling rod is desired.

Q: What is the power and action of the rod?

While fighting fish out of the water, it is important that you have a powerful rod built for action, otherwise you risk losing your fish. You may be concerned about how much power can be drawn from a folding rod. While this is a fair concern, you will be pleased to know that these rods still carry a bit of power.

The power rating of the fishing rods is determined by the area just above the handle and reel of the rod. This area, known as the spinal section, determines how strong your rod will be. Since this is the area that telescopes and collapses, it doesn’t have as much power as the average barbell. That being said, these rods still carry between light power and medium power. As you can guess, the thicker the diameter of your handle and the first blank piece, the more powerful your reed will be.

As for your rod action, folding rods will have a moderate or slow rating. The action of your rod is determined by the distance to the tip of your rod. Due to the construction structure of your telescopic rod, you will likely not find a fast acting rating.

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