8 Things You Need To Bring On A Board Fishing

No matter what kind of boat you have, you will always need these 8 essentials on board a boat:

8 Things You Need To Bring On A Board Fishing
8 Things You Need To Bring On A Board Fishing

1. Safety Equipment Safety

equipment is obviously number one on our list and should be at the top of yours too.

always have:

  • Life jackets

  • buoys

  • Sonar

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Visual signaling devices

  • Sound signaling devices

2. Proper Documentation

You should bring proper documentation to your boat to avoid problems with the Coast Guard

3. Supplies for the day

There’s no doubt that food and drink is already something you think about bringing on every tour, but when you go on a boat trip, there are also some additional provisions you should bring along.

  • Extra water is always important to have on hand as it is easy to get dehydrated on hot summer days, so always carry a canteen for each occupant of the boat.
  • It’s also nice to have fresh watermelon, yogurt or orange on board, all of which hydrate and provide energy.
  • Other important provisions include sunscreen and insect repellent , both of which can greatly increase your comfort level on board a boat.

4. Extra

lines Extra lines can be useful when you least expect it, don’t forget that the line can end up breaking because of the force of the fish. In addition, the thread can also be useful for tying things up.

5. First aid kit

Scratches, bruises and other injuries, whether minor or severe, that may require a first aid kit. Better safe than sorry.

Make sure your first aid kit is properly stocked for the number of passengers you expect to have on board. Always check your kit at least once a year to restock common used items or replace any items that may have expired.

6. An anchor

Some people don’t carry an anchor]because they don’t plan on anchoring. But this is not a smart decision, because an anchor is not just useful for anchoring.

It should also be considered as safety equipment. If the boat breaks down and you need to call in a tug, the ability to anchor will keep you fixed in place and make it easier for the tug to locate you. This will also ensure that you do not enter a busy channel or a rocky shore.

7. A VHF Radio and Your Cell Phone Unlike cell phones, VHF radios can operate without a network, so they can be a great tool if you need to call for help or assistance on the water. In some cases you can use your cell phone to call for help, but it can also be useful as a navigation device, tracking the weather, etc.

8. Emergency Repair Items

There are a number of emergency repairs that can be performed quickly and easily to get you home and/or prevent further damage to your boat and equipment.

The short list of boat repair items includes:

  • Scotch tape
  • A regular and Phillips head screwdriver
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A knife], on the off chance you need to untangle lines or debris from your propeller.
  • Insulating tape
  • a flashlight

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